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How can N95 masks be reused? Is it useful to sterilize N95 masks under ultraviolet light? Can I use Dettol, 84 or

by:Sincerity Group     2023-05-23
How about a hair dryer? Alcohol spray? Cook it on high heat? Are activated charcoal masks okay? Neither! 84 will have residues, and inhalation is not good for the human body and can cause sepsis. It is best to spray both sides with 75% alcohol and then dry it in a ventilated place. Ultraviolet lamps can only kill some bacteria and have little effect on viruses. Don’t be superstitious about this lamp. The premise that we can extend the use period or reuse means that there is no contact with patients or sources of pollution. Moreover, the above-mentioned three methods cannot disinfect the mask, and even destroy the structure of the mask fiber, but reduce the filtering effect. The correct way is that if you are not a patient, do not contact the patient, and do not wear it for a long time within a day, you can wear it for a few more days. Notice! The mask should be folded and stored (pinch the ear loops with your hands and take it off without touching the outer layer), put it in a ventilated place after folding, avoid pollution sources, and wear it when you go out next time. disinfect. Regarding the replacement frequency that everyone often asks, there is no clear regulation yet. If the mask is contaminated (blood, body fluids, droplets, etc.), damaged, unable to fit the face, increased resistance during breathing, after close contact with the patient, or smells, it needs to be replaced in time. In addition, everyone unanimously mentioned that masks cannot be bought. Can other masks be used? Yes, wearing a mask is better than not wearing one. This was mentioned in the previous micro headlines. Industrial N95 masks are also available. You can ask me any questions you have recently, and I will choose the questions that are asked more often for science popularization. But because I want to keep popular science simple and easy to understand, I only write one article at a time. Please correct me if there are any mistakes, thank you!
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