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Hardware accessories and precession vortex flow meter scale

by:Sincerity     2021-02-05
Abstract: the hardware fittings with precession vortex flow meter scale associated information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. At present, the engineering machinery industry is at a high stage, engineering machinery enterprises showed a thriving situation, however, another like a neck rope trapping enterprise, make it uncomfortable. Recently visited China construction machinery industry association. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a hardware accessories associated with scale of precession vortex flowmeter article details. At present, the engineering machinery industry is at a high stage, engineering machinery enterprises showed a thriving situation, however, another like a neck rope trapping enterprise, make it uncomfortable. Recently visited China construction machinery industry association construction machinery fittings branch secretary-general Ma Chuanwei, please talk to him in China engineering machinery accessories industry the existing problems and analyze the development prospect. Accessories and restricted at present, our country engineering machinery especially small construction machinery has a broad market prospect, little dig market is very clear, is expected to & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; At the end of the small digging market demand may reach 50000 units. In addition, l shrinkage arm, sliding steering wheel loader, forklift at both ends are all busy and other small construction machinery market in the process of cultivating, will have greater development. But so far, small construction machinery required for pump, valve, hydraulic parts and other accessories all basically rely on imports. And another foreign enterprise, * to meet the needs of domestic enterprises, the second to meet the needs of foreign companies in China, the third to consider the needs of the local enterprises in our country. The game in the face of the restriction role to engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises in China will be more and more obvious. Engineering machinery enterprises in our country this year, has paid the money to foreign parts enterprises for a year and a half, still can't take goods, such as hefei zhen yu; What has been packed well, such as a valve, but Japanese enterprises can supply, such as yuchai machinery; At the beginning of last year's xu digging machinery, order to Japan's enterprises, the results by the end of the year or no goods, cause the excavator zero output. Not only coordination &liaision instead can't guarantee anything, at the same time, the procurement from abroad a full set of hydraulic system price generally not negotiable. Combined with factors such as pre-sales, after-sales service does not reach the designated position, greatly restricted the development of the domestic construction machinery enterprises. Choose breakthrough in view of our country engineering machinery's overall development level and the current situation, Ma Chuanwei advice should be small digging and other small construction machinery fittings as the breakthrough point, to contribute to the overall development of industry of our country engineering machinery accessories. , at the annual meeting of the Chinese engineering machinery accessories industry Ma Chuanwei and accessories chapter, the relevant person in charge of the recommended manufacturers channeling from just focusing on small digging fittings to other small engineering machinery accessories, give attention to two or morethings in small digging fittings as the breakthrough point, promote the all-round development of other small engineering machinery accessories. To achieve small engineering machinery accessories, including small digging, all-round development, realize the hydrostatic transmission is an important part. At present, the small things in engineering machinery such as small wheel loader, backhoe loader ( Two busy) Fork truck loading, slip steering loaders, telescopic arm and small tonnage forklift hydraulic parts needed for the hydrostatic transmission model supporting most rely on imports. 3, international advanced countries. 0 tonnage loader is mostly realized under hydrostatic transmission, and that almost all of our producing tens of loader is hydraulic transmission. Current domestic production of hydrostatic transmission fittings only can only your in shandong, the private enterprises can produce 3. Below 0 t hydrostatic drive loader, but also is only the beginning production, still not mature, or the whole machine production. In addition to the key technology of the constraints, Ma Chuanwei thinks, China engineering machinery accessories with foreign product gap of another important aspect is that its reliability. Small batch production of the eight and ten is reliable, more than the number are not reliable. The reliability of the product and management, process equipment, process route. In general, at present are the major factors effecting the reliability of Chinese fittings of raw materials, especially the quality of the steel has a problem. Domestic engineering machinery enterprise general scale is not big, demand special stock from steel mills to ignore others. With foreign technology and equipment also has difference, foreign flexible production lines, each procedure are strictly controlled. There is a problem on the heat treatment. This produces fittings reliability is bad, this led to the host can't improve quality. As foreign enterprise production of construction machinery products is 1000 hours, our products are only 400, 500 hours. Reliability problem is not solved, even sell cheap again, the user will not buy it. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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