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Gas turbine flowmeter measurement of natural gas

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-20

gas turbine flowmeter is a kind of high precision, high sensitivity, wide range than the flowmeter, and then was widely used in natural gas trading settlement measurement, sometimes referred to as standard of dissemination of the surface. Follow the process of urbanization in China creates push from the level of government and the people are all the environmental begged of germinal days is in forward, then the use of natural gas quantity is adding year by year, and insist on a higher growth rate. In gas business transactions, inform measurement pleading forward, driven by gas turbine flowmeter has gradually become our country town gas business transactions and told one of choice for measuring surface. My company after years of production practice, master the many related to gas turbine flowmeter technology and method of maintenance for the device of gas turbine flowmeter has own together with use of a set of experiences.

gas turbine flowmeter measurement of gas went possible factors are:

( A) The place and standards to use turbine flowmeter.

because of the existence of gas turbine flowmeter turbine inertia, should not be used in traffic moved frequently, otherwise it will drop the measuring accuracy. Contrast to accurately estimate the gas peak value and the medium pressure condition, accurate conclude that flowmeter standard. As can be seen from the error characteristic curve of gas turbine flowmeter, should make flowmeter operation flow scale Qmax - 20% 80% qmax ( Qmax for maximum flow meter)

( 2) Turbine flowmeter operation and protect request

1. Gas turbine flowmeter of ventilation and gas request. Ventilation order: ensure the backend flow valve is fully closed condition; Then slowly open flowmeter front-end valves, ensure booster speed & le; 35 kpa / S; Eventually slow backend valve open flowmeter, which grew up under the traffic running until recuperate until demand value. The whole process stick to have pressure. Stopping air order: first slow backend valve closed flowmeter; Then slowly closed flowmeter front-end valves.

2。 To avoid too much work for a long time. Super flow will seriously affect the using life of operation, measuring accuracy, the error; ( Watch header working flow percentage shoulds not be long time over hundred) Instantaneous flow: from the instantaneous flow observation, combined gas situation judging whether have a small fire, the fire range images. The exterior flow scale should be 20% during operation 70%. If long time limit or high limit operation operation will have an impact on measurement; If the user changes have taken place in gas load or gas equipment, should be timely treatment.

( 3) Turbine meter device request

1. Before gas gas turbine flowmeter, they must filter equipment. Should adhere to the filter dredge, if discover the filter blocking ( But by filter in and out of the pressure difference to distinguish) , should be timely to clean the filter, if not with differential gauge cleaned once a month.

2。 A request to ensure that the straight pipe, especially before the table has a reducing or partially open the valve.

3。 Equipment, the gasket may not break into the pipe, the flow meter visual can not have obvious errors to the pipe axis, generating equipment stress is not allowed.

4。 When equipment must be clean of all impurities, clean the pipe to prevent bearings and turbine.

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