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Gas sensor detection principle

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-28

the commonly used gas sensing type classification is as follows:

the constant potential electrolysis type gas sensor

the constant potential electrolysis sensor is measured drug class field one of the most widely used technology, in terms of the foreign advanced technology, so this kind of sensor is mostly dependent on imports. Structure: the constant potential electrolysis type gas sensor inside a plastic tubular pool, installation work electrode, the electrode and reference electrode, filled with electrolyte between the electrodes, made from porous tetrafluoroethylene diaphragm, encapsulated at its top. Preamplifier and sensor electrode connection, certain potential between the electrodes, the sensor is in working condition. Gas in the electrode and electrolyte work oxidation or reduction, the electrode reduction or oxidation reaction occurs, the balance of the electrode potential changes, changes in value is proportional to the gas concentration.

metal oxide semiconductor sensor

metal oxide semiconductor sensor using the measured gas adsorption, change the conductivity of the semiconductor, through the comparison of current changes, the alarm circuit. Due to the semiconductor sensor measurement are greatly influenced by the environment, the output line is not stable. Metal oxide semiconductor sensor, because of its reaction is very sensitive, so the current widely used for measuring gas in the field of micro leakage phenomenon.

catalytic combustion type sensor

catalytic combustion type sensor principle is one of the most widely used the principle of detection of flammable gas, has good linear output signal, reliable index, the price is cheap, no cross interference with other non combustible gas, etc. Catalytic combustion type sensor using wheatstone bridge principle, induced resistance and environment of the combustible gas flameless combustion, that temperature sensing resistance value changes, break the bridge balance, stable output current signal, after amplification circuit, stability and handling late eventually shows reliable numerical values.

PID ionization gas sensor light

PID by ultraviolet light source and ion chamber and other major parts, has positive and negative electrodes in ion chamber, the formation of an electric field, the gas under the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp under test, ionization, generate positive and negative ions, electric current is formed between the electrode and the amplifier output signal. PID has a high sensitivity, no poisoning, safe and reliable. Caleb

she battery type oxygen sensor

the diaphragm and she battery type oxygen sensor structure: on one side of the plastic container is equipped with the oxygen permeability good, thick 10-30 & mu; M of ptfe breathable membrane, tight adhesion of precious metals in its container inside ( Platinum, gold, silver, etc. ) Negative electrode, on the other side of the container inside or container of spare parts to form the anode ( Using the ionization tendency big metal such as lead, cadmium) 。 With potassium hydroxide. When oxygen through the electrolyte in anode oxidation reduction reaction, make the anode metal ionization, release the electrons, the size of the current proportional to how much oxygen, due to the reaction of metal anode consumption, so the sensors need to be replaced regularly. At present domestic technology has been mature, can completely localization of such sensors. Infrared sensor

infrared sensor using the various elements of a particular wavelength absorption principle, has good resistance to toxic, sensitive reaction, response to most hydrocarbons have. But the complicated structure and high cost.

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