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Gas meter structure and application of metal tube float flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-25

YDLZ type series of metal tube float flowmeter, adopts the theory of variable area type, application of modern high technology and components, the production of metal tube float flowmeter. Flow meter is mainly composed of three basic parts: 1, the measuring tube body; 2, conical float; 3, indicator. Float displacement and flow rate is proportional to the size, through the magnetic coupling system, not to contact, will float displacement to the size of the indicator indicates that flow. Can also be equipped with different converter, converting flow value standard such as 4 - 20 ma electric remote transmission signal, realizes the remote display, record, integrating and control, and other functions.

series of metal tube float flowmeter YDLZ type, suitable for measuring the liquid and gas. On the design of the measuring tube for different measurement conditions, special fluid requirements, configured with a variety of structure of the measuring tube, such as insulating clamp cover model, with damping ware, etc. In addition to the standard of optional, can also be specially designed for users, such as high pressure, high temperature, the maximum to meet the requirements of customers.

series of metal tube float flowmeter YDLZ type, on the design of the indicator can provide reliable and suitable for various applications function combination. Such as the pointer instructions, LCD display instantaneous and cumulative flow, etc. , the power indicator selection with battery power supply, 24 VDC power supply, the 220 vac power supply, convenient user site condition. LZ series of metal tube float type flowmeter, with its simple structure, long service life, linear calibration, can be used to measure the liquid and gas and used widely, such as petroleum, chemical, power plants, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment and other industrial fields.

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