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Gas flowmeter selection error

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-28

the domestic traffic technology development through continuous efforts and development, in terms of the flow measurement is also achieved some achievements. The most widely used. And the selection and use of it could not have problems. And when facing these problems we first need to do is to find the source of these problems fundamentally eliminate it happened. For gas flowmeter selection error only to share with you the following article summarized a few: 1, feel cheap goods in the flow meter is not good reason for expensive has two kinds: one kind is a manufacturer of pricing; Another because production quantity is too small, really can only by raising the single profit to increase the income; 2, only look at this pipe size is one of the most vulnerable to a situation, the result is often cannot achieve the ideal effect measurement. Is not the quality problem of the flow meter itself, flowmeter is a kind of measuring instruments, it has its own measurement range; 3, ignore the media while the problem is not many, but the author really seen using vortex flow meter to measure mud. 4, it's always good to import a large part of people think that imports must be the best. The author is engaged in the flow meter for over a decade of experience confirmed domestic is the most valuable ( Except domestic production cannot flow meter) ; Chooses import instrument when buying their products in addition to the money to pay for expensive, later after-sale service is difficult to guarantee; 5, try new type of flowmeter fool don't to be the salesman, they tend to be with you to do the experiment. May check before delivery is qualified, but long-term reliable operation? Can really satisfy your requirements? Flow meter of upgrading, after all, not as fast as mobile phones, TV, the old is withstand the test of market! Open jetta than open QQ so confident; 6, some irresponsible factories of the flowmeter is universal and the salesman will say to you what our flow meter can measure, if you hear this sentence can be he & other; Please & quot; Out of your office, because he is the talk nonsense to you; 7, the irregular installation, such as straight pipe before and after a lot of flowmeter are required to have enough. Please read carefully the instructions before installation flowmeter, avoid to cause unnecessary trouble. 8 the regular maintenance, regular maintenance ignored, falling flow meter accuracy of pipe line of type flow meter for measuring fluid flow ( Per unit time through the fluid volume) The instrument. A wide range of flow measurement and instrumentation, classification method is very much also. So far, for industrial use kinds of flow meters more than 60 species. Varieties because so many have yet to find a kind of any fluid, any range, any flow state and any conditions of use are applicable flow meter. This 60 many kinds of flow meters, each product has its specific applicability, also has its limitation. According to the measured object is divided into a closed tube and two kinds of open channel; According to the purpose and can be divided into the total measurement and flow measurement, the instrument called total table and flow meter, respectively. Flowmeter selection need to the scene to provide accurate data, reasonable selection, different flowmeter principle, detection method is different, also to have certain targeted for different media, as far as possible choose cost-effective suitable flow meter, so whether measurement accuracy, cost, maintenance will be solved. Welcome new and old customers to inquire, we as far as possible for you to solve your problem. To better serve you is our biggest goal!

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