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Gas flowmeter lectotype of float flowmeter selection

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-21

float flowmeter selection of gas flowmeter selection: not only the flow of different diameter range is different, there are different under the same caliber of flow range. Flow range of the flowmeter is refers to the standard of measuring range, need according to the conversion for the scale conversion method under the condition of the working condition of the measurement range. Because the precision of the flow meter is generally calculated on full scale relative error, so should make flowmeter flow of common point in 50% ~ 80% of full scale flow. Media type, density of liquid or gas/standard operation state, operating state medium viscosity, gas operation, operation/design/design temperature pressure flow range: minimum flow, maximum flow, common flow accuracy level, the output signal, explosion-proof level environment temperature, flow, additional structure, power supply taper pipe/float/flange material, flange dimensions and sealing surface, the standard of the flange pressure and level

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