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Flute velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter principle and application

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-26

flute velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter is based on the pitot tube principle of speed developed a kind of new type of differential pressure flow rate measurement. The flowmeter novel design, reasonable structure, high precision, small pressure loss, easy installation and use, with its special advantages in many occasions gradually replace orifice and other test components, products have passed the provincial appraisal. Can be output as the differential signal, and the measurement of differential pressure instruments, can accurately measure the circular pipe, rectangular pipe in a variety of liquids, gases and vapors ( Superheated steam and saturated steam) 。 Pipeline being measured range in size from & phi; 20mm~3000mm。 The flow meter in the power industry ( Including nuclear industry) Smelting, chemical industry, petrochemical industry and metal industry departments in the use of success, it is suitable for: ( 1) Gas and liquid transportation ( 2) Energy research, steam boiler thermal efficiency, pump efficiency, gas compressor efficiency and fuel consumption, 3) Process control: input and output, ratio/balance; The cooling water or air. Steam heating ( 4) Material in chemical industry, 5) Load balancing: pump, compressor, cooler, filter

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