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Flowmeter fluid flow, flow display is not zero

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-18

flowmeter fluid flow, flow display is not zero, or unstable display value cause analysis: 1. Shielding grounding, a transmission line interference signals mixed with display input terminal 2. Pipeline vibration, the impeller jitter, 3 produce false signals. Cut-off valve closed lax caused by leakage, in fact, the instrument shows that leakage of 4. Display the internal circuit board or electronic components between metamorphic damage, interference solution: 1. Check the shielding layer, if they have a good grounding 2 display terminal. Before and after reinforcement line, or in the sensor with 3 stents to prevent vibration. Repair or replace the valve 4. Take & other; Short-circuit method & throughout; Or item by item, one by one check, judge the interference source, find out fault point

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