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Flow meter development present situation at home and abroad

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-27
Abstract: the flow meter at home and abroad development situation of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 1. Foreign markets, according to Internet survey Flowresearch nearly five years under the situation of international economic common was rather slow, average annual growth rate (flow meter world market CAGR) Still up to 2. 6%, from $3. 1 billion in 2002 sales growth in 2007 to $3. 5 billion, among them. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a flow meter development present situation at home and abroad the article details. 1. Foreign markets, according to Internet survey Flowresearch nearly five years under the situation of international economic common was rather slow, average annual growth rate (flow meter world market CAGR) Still up to 2. 6%, from $3. 1 billion in 2002 sales growth in 2007 to $3. 5 billion, including traditional instrument ( Throttling, volume, turbine, the rotor flow meter, etc. ) For negative growth, CAGR for - 2. 2%, from 16 in 2002. 4. 3 billion dollars ( 53% of the total) Down to 15, 2007. 0. 5 billion dollars ( (43%) ; The new instrument ( Electromagnetic, ultrasonic, coriolis flowmeter, etc. ) The average annual growth rate of 6. 2%, since 2002, 14. Increased from $5. 7 billion in 2007 to 20. $1. 9 billion, among them, the annual growth rate of electromagnetic, ultrasonic, coriolis flowmeter and sales are shown in table 1. CAGR of electromagnetic flowmeter is less than 2%, because of its base is larger, and the technology is more mature. The survey said, turbine flowmeter in many countries in the world are often used to measure gas or liquid viscosity is small, due to the rotating parts, instrument maintenance workload is big, CAGR of nearly 5 years to - 3. 2%, sales from four in 2002. $100 million fell to 2007, 3. 4. 8 billion dollars. Experts believe that ultrasonic growth momentum is very aggressive in recent years, but the turbine is ultrasonic much cheaper, have the price advantage; Compared with the throttle device, the span ratio of 10:1, and more accurate, in trade settlement, still willing to choose for small and medium-sized customers. Volumetric flow meter is a velocity type instrument, no straight pipe installation requirements, the general accuracy can reach & plusmn; 0. 5%, but more bulky. Caliber is generally less than 0. 2m。 In recent five years in sales since 2002, 5. 4 $200 million down to 2007. 5. 2 billion dollars, the likelier to - 2. 7%. Experts say the new instrument to replace traditional instrument in many areas, is a general trend of development, but the process will be long. 2. Domestic market according to the statistics, in 2005 in the domestic automation instrument market, annual sales flow meter 2. 3 billion yuan; About 1. 8 billion yuan (pressure transmitter About 500 million yuan of the differential pressure transmitter is matching with differential pressure flowmeter) ; Temperature meter 1. 2 billion yuan; Material level, liquid level meter, 1 billion yuan. From the point of the type of flow meters, because of throttling device is relatively heavy, relatively low technical content, basic not foreign manufacturers into the Chinese market, this type of product in use in the engineering in our country this kind of instrument is mainly based on domestic products, annual sales of not less than 200000, 600 million yuan of above. Efforts in development, the development of flow meter in our country and abroad have larger gap, more contented with generic, this problem can be from well-known exhibition MICONEX2006, slightly weakened. To attend this exhibition exhibited the Chinese and foreign manufacturers, a total of more than 10 kinds of principle of flow meters, a total of 297 were, according to the frequency sequence displayed in table 2. From table 2 shows that in the classification of 16, in the first 6 exhibits on display manufacturers, a total of 204 accounted for 69% of the total number of them is a hotspot of current Chinese and foreign instrument manufacturers concern, and the coriolis flowmeter, overseas exhibitors have 17 accounted for 68% of total domestic only eight, whether for the accurate measurement of mass flow meter, domestic value; The inner cone flowmeter, the domestic exhibition of 30 accounted for 91%; Only three abroad, the domestic market and overheating? · Electromagnetic flowmeter is the hotspot in flow meter, still occupies the first place. China's major instrument and meter plant were listed as its main products. Evaluation according to the ARC advisory company, China in recent years, due to pay special attention to environmental protection, rely on water/water, metallurgy, mining, paper pulp, the rapid development of modern industry, the next five years, electromagnetic flowmeter CAGR will reach 10 in our country. . It is expected to be 7% in 2003 from 3. Increased from 800 million in 2008 to 6. 400 million yuan. · Ultrasonic flowmeter is more, the advantages of both accurate, small pressure loss and, particularly suitable for precious fluid trade metering, are more attention both at home and abroad, domestic exhibits more than just for measuring liquid, although there are a few of the gas measured, applied to the scene also have some problems, especially for trade settlement. · Thermoelectric meter or more exhibits, and because it can measure mass flow rate, and high sensitivity to the attention of the industry, but its plug-in form can only be dry, clean and pure gas, accuracy is not so high, propaganda by manufacturer from practical it will take time for. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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