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Flow meter according to the principle of how to classify

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-19

flow meter according to the principle of how to classify, 1) Mechanics principle: belong to this kind of instrument is using Bernoulli's theorem of the principle of differential pressure type, the rotor type; Using the theorem of momentum impulse type, movable type; Using the Newton's second law directly quality type; Using the fluid momentum principle target type; Using the angular momentum theorem of the turbine; The use of fluid oscillation of the principle of spiral type, vortex street type; Using total static pressure difference of pitot tube type and displacement and weir, slot, and so on. ( 2) Electrical theory: for such instrument of the principle of electromagnetic, differential capacitive, inductive, strain resistance type, etc. ( 3) Acoustic principle: using the acoustic principle of flow measurement with ultrasonic, acoustic type ( Shock wave type) And so on. ( 4) Thermal principle: by using the theory of thermal measuring flow with heat type, direct calorimeter, indirect calorimetry, etc. ( 5) Optical principle: laser type, such as photoelectric instrument belongs to such a principle. ( 6) Atomic physics, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) type, such as nuclear radiation type belongs to this kind of principle of the instrument. ( 7) Other principle: marked principle ( Tracer principle, the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance) , the related principle, etc.

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