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Flow instrument selection skills

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-20
The performance of the flow meter has its own advantage, widely application fields. Because in today's society plays an important role and status. Our product development of the instrument industry. And use of the success of flowmeter selection for instrument often plays a very important role, due to the complicated situation of measured object and is a great variety of instrument performance index, the making difficulty in the selection of instrument. Here we for you to carry on the simple analysis and selection of its problem. General selection can be considered from five aspects, 1, instrument performance: the degree of accuracy, repeatability, linearity and range, flow range, signal output characteristics, response time, pressure loss, etc. ; Features: 2, fluid temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, chemical corrosion, abrasion, scaling, miscible phase transformation, coefficient of thermal conductivity, specific heat, conductivity, sound, such as entropy index; 3, installation conditions: pipeline arrangement direction, flow direction, testing a upstream and downstream straight pipe length, pipe diameter, space, power supply, grounding, auxiliary equipment maintenance ( Filter, venting device) , installation, etc. ; 4, the environmental conditions: temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, security, explosion-proof, pipeline vibration, etc. ; 5, economic factors: instrument purchase expense, installation, operating cost, calibration fee, maintenance fee, the service life of the instrument, spare parts, etc.

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