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Far to ultrasonic flowmeter scale application in urban wastewater treatment plant

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-24
Abstract: far to ultrasonic flowmeter scale application in urban wastewater treatment plant information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. With the rapid development of computer technology and popularization. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here are far to ultrasonic flowmeter scale application in urban wastewater treatment plant article details. With the rapid development of computer technology and the popularization, the data acquisition system is also quickly get used. Application of this system in the process of production can be on the scene of the production process parameters acquisition, monitoring and record, in order to improve product quality, reduce costs to provide information and means. Data acquisition is the acquisition of sensor output analog signal into digital signal of computer can identify and then make further processing. Ultrasonic flowmeter is by measuring the fluid flow on ultrasound pulses to measure flow meter. It like electromagnetic flowmeter, by instrument circulation channel is not set any impediments, barrier-free flow meter, is suitable for solving the problem of flow measurement difficulty of flow meter, especially in the aspect of large diameter measuring flow has the outstanding advantages, is also one of the flowmeter has been developing rapidly in recent years. Ultrasonic flowmeter principle 2. 1 of non-contact ultrasonic measurement system consists of two parts: a ultrasonic signal transducer and a distance to install electronic transmitter. Transducer is launching a series of ultrasonic and received by detecting the echo of the return to the surface of the liquid or solid. The microprocessor in the transmitter signal for further treatment, and the data as the LCD digital display. ( 1) Sound is a mechanical wave, frequency more than 2 & times; The human ear can't hear the sound waves of the 104 hz ultrasonic frequency. Its wavelength, frequency f and L speed based on the relationship between the c = c/f (L 2) Ultrasonic reflection and refraction when sound waves spread to the interface of two media, part to return to the original medium, is called the reflected wave, the other part of the energy through the medium surface to another surface in continue to spread, known as refraction. Law of reflection: Sina/Sina '= = C1 / C2 type, incidence Angle a, C1 incident wave velocity and Angle of reflection a', the reflection wave velocity C2. Law of refraction: SINa/SINb = = C1 / C2 type, incidence Angle a, refraction Angle b, C1 to * medium wave velocity, C2 as the second medium wave velocity. 2. 2 the characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeter is characteristic of the ultrasonic frequency is high, so a wavelength, small diffraction phenomenon, directional well. Can be called ray and directional transmission. Attenuation in the liquid, solid, small penetrating capacity big, encounter impurities or interface can have significant reflection. Ultrasonic sensor is in using ultrasonic these remarkable feature in many fields of science which has been widely used in industrial production. 2. Used for detection of ultrasonic transducer has a variety of, such as piezoelectric type, magnetostrictive type vibration, electromagnetic type, plate type surface, elastic wave type and so on. Detection technology, mainly adopts the piezoelectric type. 2. 4 the pros and cons analysis advantages: in pieces to do non-contact measurement; Pieces for no flow block measurement, no pressure loss; Measuring the electrical conductivity of liquids, for no block measuring electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of supplement. Pieces of ultrasonic flow level zui big advantage is the need to cut off the pipeline, can do not block the flow measurement, is really not contact medium flow meter. Disadvantages: mixer transmission time can only be used for cleaning liquid and gas; Method can only be used for measuring the doppler containing suspended particles and bubbles in the liquid; Mixer doppler method measuring accuracy is not high. 3 application of ultrasonic is a kind of through the determination of material level measurement methods of container reserves. Ultrasonic sensors on the send material surface ultrasonic pulse, receives the echo reflected from the surface. It was developed for the determination of ultrasonic transmission time, the distance and the reflecting surface were calculated. Travel time is intuitive dimension of the distance between the ultrasonic sensors and level. Acoustic wave propagation distance is the product of travel time and velocity of sound. If the location of the ultrasonic sensor is known, then you can figure out level ( As well as reserves) 。 The speed of sound in air range is very large, therefore, acoustic sensor temperature compensation is required, when used for gas, other than the air should be accordingly calibration.
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