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Falling liquid turbine flow meter scale for measuring precision

by:Sincerity     2021-01-13
Abstract: liquid turbine flow meter scale measurement accuracy down the cause of the information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Liquid turbine flow meter adopts a new intelligent design, at the time of use can keep high precision measurement. At the time of use the performance of the turbine flowmeter is superior, the service life is long, and it has a very strong anti-interference ability, at the time of use,. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, the following is liquid article turbine meter scale measurement accuracy to the cause for details. Liquid turbine flow meter adopts a new intelligent design, at the time of use can keep high precision measurement. At the time of use the performance of the turbine flowmeter is superior, the service life is long, and it has a very strong anti-interference ability, at the time of use, turbine flowmeter may encounter all kinds of electromagnetic interference, the anti-interference ability is not good enough if the flowmeter, when use may affect the measuring accuracy of flowmeter. Due to the turbine flowmeter is more sensitive to the scene of the condition, the user should be in the case of large zui meet meet its ideal requirements, so as to keep the factory the accuracy of the instrument, achieve the ideal measurements. When the temperature of the fluid medium pressure with a greater difference between reference condition, according to the material of sensor and temperature and pressure calculated the volume change of the sensor shell, provision of meter reading. When fluid under the working state of the viscosity of the fluid viscosity and calibration is large, to install and use the instructions provided on the viscosity of the modified curve parameter correction. And turbine flowmeter in the measurement of its upstream and downstream straight pipe length has certain requirements, should according to the installation requirements to meet, especially when the user requirements and high precision. Instrument shows the working medium under the condition of traffic volume, if you want to know what a standard or volume flow to mass flow and density compensation is needed. The liquid is the accuracy of the turbine flowmeter in reference condition ( Or standard working conditions) Under certain, turbine flowmeter, the reference condition generally includes: the environmental conditions ( Environment temperature 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity 45% ~ 75%, atmospheric pressure 86 kpa to 108 kpa, no electric field, magnetic field interference, no vibration) ; Power supply conditions, 220 v± 10% or 110 v, 50 hz & plusmn; 1, or 24 VDC) ; Fluid conditions ( When using fluid calibration, calibration pipe for industrial pipe, single-phase Newtonian fluid, fully filled tube, fully developed turbulent velocity distribution of axial symmetry, whirlpool, disturbance, steady flow. Calibration fluid is often water, oil, air, choose according to need. In the upstream and downstream of turbine flowmeter has enough long straight section. Fluid temperature is usually at room temperature, fluid pressure in usually 0. Below 25 mpa) 。 Obviously, actual work condition of turbine flowmeter are usually different from the reference condition, thus causes the accuracy of the turbine flowmeter to change. Liquid turbine flow meter in use process accuracy decreased, may be the following reasons: 1, the fluid in the fibrous or viscous impurities attached to the rotating part of the flowmeter, make rotational resistance increases, resulting in a decrease of instrument of the indicated value, the negative error, adverse to the fluid of the supplier. 2, fluid temperature, pressure changes may make the escape of air or liquid in the pipe due to the pressure inside the pipeline is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of fluid, make part of the liquid and steam, is also likely to make out with medium pressure air is sucked into the pipe, the gas with the measured liquid, caused its indication value increase, there is error, adverse to the fluid of the buyer. 3, usually have some impurities in medium, to produce the wear of bearing, axis, the gap between the two increases, moving parts of dynamic balance is destroyed, speed drops, or dirt into the gap, make motion resistance increases, speed down. All of these reasons resulting in a decrease of instrument display value, negative error, adverse to the fluid of the supplier. 4, poor working environment will be a larger influence on the measured results, such as electromagnetic interference, dust, high temperature, vibration, humidity, etc. , may cause a malfunction or failure of turbine flow sensor, the direct cause of turbine flowmeter, of error of error is positive or negative, may not be obvious, may complete failure. For the above phenomenon, the more serious when, can find problems from the comparison the working state of the process, easy to take corresponding measures. But, in the early part of the problem, don't take special measures can't found the problem. 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