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Error when tap water meter scale of reason and treatment method

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-09
Abstract: the error reason and processing method when tap water meter scale of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Problems existed in tap water flow is measured with electromagnetic flowmeter, a years, most of the time very accurate, but the high temperature period, table than total table walk fast. Shanghai building annexes the fifth floor and third floor tap water meter and one set of each, not table, on the fourth floor with difference method. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is water meter error reason and processing method when scale of article details. Problems existed in tap water flow is measured with electromagnetic flowmeter, a years, most of the time very accurate, but the high temperature period, table than total table walk fast. Shanghai building annexes the fifth floor and third floor tap water meter and one set of each, not table, on the fourth floor with difference method to calculate water consumption: Q4 = Q5 - Q4 in Q3 type & ndash; Users on the fourth floor water amount, m3; Q5— Table showing the fifth floor of the amount of water, m3; Q3— On the third floor user total water consumption, m3. System diagram as shown. Measurement data acquisition system from computer statistics calculation, before a few years, the total water consumption statistics belongs to the normal, but in the summer of 2010, Shanghai zui hot days, Q4 is negative, the reason is Q3 & gt; Q5, this conclusion is wrong. Analysis and diagnosis ( 1) On the third floor electromagnetic flowmeter why high value for the researchers looked at the scene, found in the fifth floor of the tank without the sun direct illuminate, hydrate by tap water pipe network, low water temperature. Because of the water tank is open container, so the water dissolved air should be reached saturation degree. Along the water pipe from the atmosphere absorb heat, the temperature was increased, especially in the third floor, there is a period of about 20 m long outside, laying temperature rise even higher, water flows through here in the third floor flowmeter in gas separating out from the water gathered in the upper part of the horizontal pipeline. This section of the pipe to the third floor had no upside opportunity, so the product in a horizontal pipe, gas line not to go out. Installed on the third floor horizontal tube of water meter measuring tube is also hard to avoid has gas, occupy certain cross-sectional area, so that the flow value is on the high side. ( 2) Recommendations on the third floor of the horizontal tube suitable location to establish gas collector and exhaust valve, the product gas discharge tube on a regular basis. Autumn, winter and spring season three tube not pneumatosis, generally do not need to vent. ( 1) Q4 is the cause of the negative Q4 negative for two reasons, one is on the third floor product gas in a horizontal pipe, and cannot by itself, also have a vent, so that the third floor tap water meter high value; Second, in type ( 4. 22) , Q4 is a small value, that is, on the fourth floor is a small users, monthly statistics report shows that its users on the third floor of the water consumption is less than 2%, so the error of Q3 and Q5 zui throughout all by Q4 to digest, will bring bigger error to the measurement data on the fourth floor. If the meter modification on the fourth floor, third floor water instead do subtraction method, does not have a user negative situation. This lesson can be concluded that & other; Measurement of small & throughout; “ Of the big & throughout; Is a useful experience. ( 2) Where necessary to install a vent in the product gas and failed to install a vent valve to discharge the gas, is also an important experience. ( 3) Another kind of full pipe flow measurement in A municipal drainage, wastewater treatment, such as the flow measurement object, although the pipeline is not full of, but is distinct from the above situation, the processing method is also completely different. For often are in part of the state and can't make it into a full package of measured object, should choose the full pipe flow meter. The following is a type of full pipe flow meter. The full tube working principle of electromagnetic flow meter and liquid pipeline water meter is usually used in closed pipe full pipe flow. For flow change is very big, sometimes full of pipeline, pipeline of discontent, sometimes tap water pipeline flowmeter can't apply. This is where the tap water pipe flow meter. The full electromagnetic flow sensor can be installed with the pipe diameter is consistent, over a wide range of work, can be used in a closed pipe full pipe flow and the closed pipes or open the free surface flow measurement, and does not produce head loss, such as municipal drainage, waste water treatment, agricultural irrigation, fluid flow measurement by the natural flow. Tap water meter based on sensor constant cross section area, measure the average velocity of flow. Not full pipe flow cross-section area is changing, the flow measurement is not only to Zha quantity through the sensor of average flow velocity, but also to measure the cross-sectional area a fluid flows through the sensor, that is to say, not tap water pipe flowmeter of the flow measurement the required flow rate and liquid level is at least two variables. Figure 4. 24 is a model for the full pipe flow sensor TIDALFLUX4000 structure principle. It is an electromagnetic flow sensor with integrated capacitive liquid level measurement system, is designed for conducting liquid. Through the pipeline flow rate q ( t) To: q ( t) =v( t) A( t) Type v ( t) — Velocity; A( t) — Fluid cross-sectional area. Velocity is determined based on the known principle of electromagnetic flow measurement.
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