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Environment may cause failure of electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-05

from the environmental cause electromagnetic flowmeter failure mainly include: 1, strong magnetic field, 2, strong electromagnetic wave, 3, pipeline stray current, 4, and the potential changes, 5, and the moisture in. 1, strong magnetic field, the influence of strong magnetic field experience is not much, because of the attention when installation to stay away from strong magnetic field. 2, strong electromagnetic flowmeter should conform to the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic waves radiated electromagnetic fields in regulation environment work, won't cause instrument performance degradation in the environment or work is not normal. We encountered strong radio wave interference effect. 3, pipeline stray current electromagnetic flowmeter properly grounded, for the most part can avoid pipeline stray current. Sometimes in accordance with the provisions, with thick wire jumper flow sensor and perfect grounding. But also influenced by stray current, still need to take other measures. 4, earth potential ground potential changes will affect the flow measurement, such as grounding line for other devices reason produces voltage drop and make the electromagnetic flow juice to potential changes, if the shape or larger common-mode interference, will also affect the measurement. 5, the moisture in the electromagnetic flow meter applied in water supply and drainage industry often will flow sensor is installed in the instrument well below the horizon, often immersed in the failed to timely discharge of rain water, or soak in water for a long time. Even if sufficient for IP67 protection grade ( Dust tight short flooding level) Or IP68 ( Dust tight progressive flooding level) , often because of terminal lifted the lid sealing washer or cable entry seal ring not pressure tight seal, packing ring, or ring and cable diameter does not match, often happen this kind of accident.

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