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Electromagnetic flowmeter was breakdown failure analysis and solution Suggestions

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-30

at the scene of the electromagnetic flowmeter applied in the process, some users will encounter electromagnetic flowmeter converter circuit board was burnt, especially in the summer thunderstorm weather, the situation appeared more frequent, combined with field condition most judgment and returned to the factory inspection maintenance, most of the damage reason for the sections for the excitation circuit of power supply, combined with the damage judgment, is caused by over voltage excitation power protection stabilivolt breakdown, relay case further damaged over-current device to produce high temperature, PCB plate high temperature carbonization, aggravate the damage.

usually there are two kinds of the causes of overpressure situation:

1. Field working condition of the power supply voltage instability, easy to produce surge voltage.

suggestion: use the regulated power supply.

2。 Thunderstorm season of lightning direct effects on the electromagnetic flowmeter, lightning path diversity is complex, but all contact with the outside, by such as the input part of the power supply; Part of the output current, frequency, communication; Fluid pipe sensor excitation and power. Damage due to lightning path and intensity is different, different levels, and the situation in line with the lightning phenomenon, after the lightning strike damage is invisible part of the circuit, need to be further tested by professional equipment.

advice: installation of flow meter, gas meter, ultrasonic flow timing to do a good job of lightning protection grounding.

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