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Electromagnetic flowmeter test project

by:Sincerity     2021-10-20
Abstract: the electromagnetic flowmeter check test project information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Describe the electromagnetic flowmeter to fai instrument daily maintenance? According to the flange of the first principle of electromagnetic induction, the perpendicular to the axis of the measuring line and the lines of magnetic force of pipe wall mounting a pair of detecting electrodes. When conducting liquid moves along axis measuring tube, conductive liquid. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the electromagnetic flowmeter check test project article details. Today to introduce the electromagnetic flowmeter is routine maintenance, regular check test project? According to Faraday electromagnetic induction principle, the perpendicular to the axis of the measuring line and the lines of magnetic force of pipe wall mounting a pair of detecting electrodes. When conducting liquid moves along axis measuring tube, conductive liquid to cut off the magnetic field lines to produce induction electric potential, the induction electric potential by the two detection electrodes. The value is proportional to the velocity of flow, the value of E = B * V * D * K, which is suitable for induction electric potential, E B for the magnetic induction intensity. D is the electrode spacing; K is related to the magnetic field distribution of the axial length coefficient; Sensors will induction electromotive force as a traffic signal, and sending them to the converter. After dealing with the signal amplification, transformation, filtering and so on, the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow by dot matrix LCD display with backlight. Of electromagnetic flowmeter for instrument daily maintenance only regular visual inspection, inspection instruments and surrounding environment, remove dust and dirt, make sure there is no water and other substances, check whether the connection is good, inspection equipment whether there is a strong electromagnetic field near the new equipment or apparatus on whether there is a new wire. If measured medium easy pollution electrode or precipitation and fouling on the measurement of tube wall, should be cleaned regularly. , troubleshooting when flowmeter in operation or normal running after a period of time, found that the meter not work properly. First, check the flow meter of external conditions, such as power supply are in good condition, a leaky pipe, pipe whether there is a bubble, signal cable is damaged, the converter output signal, After the instrument input circuit) If open circuit. Remember that blind disassembly and repair flow meter. Second, the sensor check test equipment: a 500 mq insulation resistance tester and a multimeter. Testing procedures: 1) When pipe filled with medium, the multimeter measure the resistance between terminals A, B and C, terminal A minus C and B - C between resistance should be as large as possible. If the difference more than 1 times, could be leaking electrode, condensed water adsorption in the measuring tube outer wall or junction box. ( 2) When dry lining, measured with a megger insulation resistance between alternating current (ac) and alternating current (ac) ( Should be greater than 200 ohms) 。 Then measured with A multimeter terminals A and B and measuring tube resistance between two electrodes ( Should be in short circuit communication state) 。 If the insulation resistance is very small, it means the leakage electrode, the flowmeter should be returned to the factory maintenance. If the insulation lower but still higher than 50 mq and steps ( 1) The test result is normal, may be measuring tube outer wall and damp, and the interior of the shell can be used dry hot air blower. ( 3) Use a multimeter measure the resistance between one of the X and y. If the resistance more than 200 days, excitation coil and fuses may open or poor contact. Remove the terminal board for inspection. ( 4) Check the insulation resistance between the X, Y, and C, should be greater than 200 ohms. If it lost, with hot air drying inside the shell. In practice, reduce coil insulation can lead to the increase of measurement error and instrument output signal is not stable. ( 5) If sure sensor is faulty, please contact the electromagnetic flow meter manufacturers. In general, is not at the scene, so you need to repair by the manufacturer. Three, converter inspection if there is a fault judgment converter, if the external causes no problem after checking it, please contact the electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer, manufacturer will usually change circuit board to solve the problem. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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