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Electromagnetic flowmeter sensor grounding measures

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-04
Traffic signals generated by electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is very small, in full scale and only a few millivolts, so the sensor grounding should be good. Grounding requirements of electromagnetic flowmeter has two aspects: 1. From the working principle of electromagnetic flow meter and the flow sensor signal current loop, the grounding end of the sensors and switches must be with medium with the potential to be tested. 2. Grounding. In the earth, for zero potential, reduce the interference. In general, process piping are metal, itself is grounded, it is easy to meet this requirement. But in the case of larger external electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic flowmeter shall set up a grounding device, the grounding line adopts cross section is greater than 5 was more strands of copper wire, the sensor's ground wire can never meet on the common ground of motor or other equipment, in order to avoid the influence of the leakage current. Grounding resistance should be less than 10 & Omega; 。 一个。 Sensors on metal pipe installation ( Metal pipe wall without insulation coating) , according to the below ground.

b。 Sensors on plastic tube or installed on the pipeline with insulating lining, the sensor should be installed on both ends of grounding rings, or flange, or short tube with a grounding electrode, according to the below ground. Flow inside the measured medium and short circuit, earth has zero potential, otherwise, the electromagnetic flowmeter can't work normally.

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