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Electromagnetic flowmeter selection considerations

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-28

1, when ordering one-piece or size please give a specific electromagnetic flowmeter flow range, unit, the pulse equivalent, cumulative show the measuring tube such as pulse equivalent ordering information. Before the date of delivery, these parameters will be set up in the assembly of the converter. 2, if some of the options, when placing order, need to write these options related technical specifications. Had better have indicated in the contract. 3, tag, each tag, can contain letters ( Uppercase or lowercase) Numbers, as well as & other; - - - - - - ” And & other 。 ” To describe the characters. If you have special requirements, tag number can also be written to the nameplate and the mark on the card ( If you choose to code the SCT) 。 If the product is a body, tag number will be written to converter of memory. The HART protocol, there can be at most 8 characters. If the user wants to change only in converter in memory setting, please define software tag number. If there is no tag number, the corresponding product at the time of delivery. 4 units, flow range and flow range limit values in five digits ( The maximum is 99999) , not including the decimal point. A body AXF products in the forward direction is set to the first range. Points are sounding pipe in the converter with the assembly of the forward direction is set to the first range. If you do not specify a flow range and the unit, relevant product delivery is set to 1 m/s ( 3. 3英尺/秒) 。 5, the output pulse equivalent if specified, must be set each pulse on behalf of the traffic. Otherwise related to the product delivery is set to 0 when pulse per second.

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