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Electromagnetic flow meter scale selection factors should be considered

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-31
Abstract: the electromagnetic flow meter scale selection should be considered factors information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Some electromagnetic flowmeter due to its incomparable advantages make its market share has been high. Its structure is simple, fluid flows through the flowmeter won't produce pressure loss; Dirty can be measured medium, turbid medium, and corrosive medium liquid-solid two phase flow; Measured. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the electromagnetic flowmeter scale selection factors should be considered the article details. Some electromagnetic flowmeter due to its incomparable advantages make its market share has been high. Its structure is simple, fluid flows through the flowmeter won't produce pressure loss; Dirty can be measured medium, turbid medium, and corrosive medium liquid-solid two phase flow; Measurement process is not easy to affected by the liquid density, temperature, viscosity, Speed range is wide. Although the electromagnetic flowmeter is continuing to improve, but there are still some deficiencies: cannot steam, gas and gas-liquid two-phase medium; Easily affected by the interference of outside magnetic field; For low conductivity of medium cannot be measured, such as organic solvent or dairy products, etc. 1. 1 liquid conductivity must be the premise of electromagnetic flowmeter using conductive, can't lower than the threshold, threshold is in commonly 10 - conventional flowmeter 4 ~ 10 a s/m, should be determined according to the model. The conductivity of the organic solvent and petroleum products is low, so you can't use a electromagnetic flowmeter to measure. According to the experience, the conductivity of the fluid being measured should be better than the instrument manufacturers the min value stipulated in the order of magnitude to at least one order of magnitude larger. Otherwise easy to cause the shaking. 1. 2 accuracy level error of the electromagnetic flowmeter with high precision is about & plusmn; 0. ~ ± 5%; Around 1%, low accuracy of flowmeter for & plusmn; 1. ~ ± 5%; 2. About 5%, the price also differs twice. So you should reasonably select flowmeter, where the accuracy is not high, with lower prices to reduce costs. Some flow meter accuracy is higher, but the installation conditions demanding, such as temperature 20 'C ~ 22 ℃ and even dc to do calibration, reduce the impact. 1. 3 the calibre of the velocity and diameter selection of flowmeter can not agree with pipe diameter, shall be determined according to the traffic. Liquid pipeline general economic velocity of 1. 5 ~ 3 m/S, in this kind of flow velocity, flow meter diameter and diameter is consistent. On-line velocity are theoretically unlimited, but if the lining can't withstand washing fluid suggest no more than 5 m/s. Easy to deposit scale liquid, should choose the velocity is not less than 2 m/s. 2 and the influencing factors of electromagnetic flow measurement accuracy if the installation and use of electromagnetic flowmeter is undeserved, can cause the error, and even damage. 2. 1 grounding ring and the choice of electrode material problem due to the measured liquid ring does not match the trigger and electrode or ground fault, this does not match in addition to the corrosion problem, and the electrode surface effect, mainly including: chemical reaction, polarization, and catalysis. Grounding ring also have these problems, but influence degree. 2. Fluid 2 tube with tube in the position of the meter installation bad or back pressure is insufficient, lead to the liquid can't full of pipes, the measured value is smaller than the real value. If the discontent pipe is serious, electrode leakage liquid level, there was no way to measure the liquid. If the flow is plug flow or bubble flow, not only can make the measurement values are not accurate, also caused by bubble instant hit electrode surface output shaking. 2. 3 if they contain particles in the liquid containing solid liquid, may cause the failure: the electrodes and the lining surface sediments, attrition, pipeline cross-sectional area smaller. Some easy crystallization liquid, when fluid flows through the flow time hanging on the wall with a layer of solid, due to the use of other types of flowmeter has the same problem, so you can choose by measuring pipe is very short, and is easy to remove the flowmeter can remove for maintenance after crystallization. 2. 4 to install the installation process, positive and negative direction should be flowmeter and the direction of flow. Avoid install where strong magnetic field. Flow meter is not easy to should not be put into the product gas pipeline zui highs, or top-down vertical line, so prone to drain. Behind the flowmeter should not directly take liquid into the atmosphere, and there should be a back pressure to prevent the pipe with pipe. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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