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Electromagnetic flow meter scale installation environment

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-12
Abstract: the electromagnetic flow meter scale installation environment information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Electromagnetic flowmeter installation environment, the choice of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor installation environment electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is generally IP65 protection grade ( International GB4208 dust-proof and touch water protection grade level) , the choice of its installation site. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, electromagnetic flowmeter is scale installation environment the article details below. Electromagnetic flowmeter installation environment, the choice of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor installation environment electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is generally IP65 protection grade ( International GB4208 & protection grade ndash; — Dust-proof and touch water level) , the choice of its installation site, please refer to section 5 of chapter 5. Installation environment are the main requirements: ( 1) Sensors should be installed in dry and ventilated place, avoid flooding in the damp, easy seeper place, also should try to avoid direct sunlight and rain drench water directly. ( 2) Should as far as possible avoid installation where the ambient temperature is too high. The size of the structure of the electromagnetic flowmeter is subject to electronic environment temperature, lower. ( 3) Installation of sensor line should have no strong leakage current, should as far as possible away from strong electromagnetic field equipment, such as big electromechanical, transformer, lest cause electromagnetic interference; ( 4) Sensor installation of pipe or should not have a strong vibration, especially the shape meter; ( 5) The location of the installation of sensors to consider staff on-site maintenance space. The choice of two, electromagnetic flow meter transducer installation environment converter as a field indicates the installation with the instrument, its installation site should choose commonly: at ambient temperatures Between 10 ~ 45 ℃. The air relative humidity & le; 85%; Installation location without strong vibration; Ambient air does not contain corrosive gases; Converter should be installed in the interior. When installed in the outdoor, also from prevention measures should be taken. Three, electromagnetic flowmeter selection right: instrument selection is very important work in instrumentation, according to relevant data show that the instrument in the practical application of two-thirds of fault is a mistake of instrument selection and installation, and special attention. Four, data is collected by current names; (2) the minimum flow, maximum flow rate; (3) working pressure; (4) temperature, minimum temperature. · By measurement of body must have a certain electrical conductivity, electrical conductivity & ge; 5uS/cm。 · And the minimum flow, maximum flow rate must conform to the number in the table below. ( Extension process range 0. 1~15m/s) Five, the electromagnetic flowmeter product features: 1, the measurement is not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and the influence of the conductivity changes; 2, unimpeded flow measuring tube parts, without loss of pressure, straight pipe requirements is low; 3, the series of nominal diameter DN15 ~ DN3000. Sensor lining and electrode materials have a variety of choice; 4, converter adopts novel excitation method, low power consumption, zero point stability, high precision. Flow range up to 1500:1; 5, converter and sensor type or separation of a size; 6, converter adopts 16-bit high-performance microprocessors, 2 x16lcd display, parameter setting is convenient, reliable programming; Within 7, flow meter to measure the size of the system, two-way three integrator: forward, reverse the amount and total difference amount; It can display. Zhuang, reverse flow, and have a variety of output: current, pulse, digital communications, HART; 8, converter using surface mount technology ( SMT) With self-check and self-diagnosis function; Six, protection grade GB4208 - according to the national standard And the international electrotechnical commission standard IEC529-84 About 76 standard for protection grade: & middot; IP65: water proof type, allowing the tap water from any direction of sensor and pressure of spray water for 30 kpa, water yield of 2. 5 l/s, a distance of 3 m. · IP68: diving, work for a long time in the water. Protection grade should be according to actual condition to select, sensors installed under the ground, often by water, should choose IP68, sensors installed above the ground, should choose IP65. Seven, additional features LDE type electromagnetic flowmeter basic has 4 ~ 20 ma output is display, and 0 ~ 1 KHZ alarm functions, can be chosen according to the actual situation and other additional features. · Fission installation: sensors should be installed under the ground or other reasons, should choose fission installation way. · RS - 485 communications to sensors and other communications equipment, should choose RS - 485 communication function. Compared with other similar products abroad: LDE type intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is made with some formation LCD backlight wide temperature, all show is Chinese, functional and practical, more particularly convenient user operations, to reduce unnecessary trouble and mistake. Fast delivery, low cost, easy maintenance.
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