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Effectively reduce interference of electromagnetic flowmeter have?

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-25
Effectively reduce interference of electromagnetic flowmeter have? Electromagnetic flowmeter, as a kind of high precision, high reliability and long life flow meter, has been widely used in the production. But in actual use will encounter the problem of interference, how should we use which methods to reduce interference, the kaifeng superfamily shihua is flow meter co. , LTD. , teach you a few methods. First of all, we need to know what are the main forms of interference, in fact, the interference of electromagnetic flowmeter signal mainly has two methods of electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration interference, how to deal with the interference signal is the key to the improvement of electromagnetic flowmeter. Usually, electromagnetic flowmeter is to use metal shell, shell has the very good shielding effect, can effectively avoid the electric field and radio frequency interference. Let's take a look at how to effectively reduce interference next? 1, when installing a ground wire, the transmitter at the ends of the pipe flange and shell of converter are on the same point, in order to reduce interference in phase, but cannot completely eliminate the interference in phase. 2, usually in the preamplifier stage of the converter adopts added to the differential amplifier circuit of constant current source, using differential amplifier with high common mode rejection ratio, making into the converter in phase interference signal at the input offset each other and are suppressed, can achieve very good effect. 3, at the same time, in order to avoid the interference signal, between transmitter and transducer signal must use shielding wire transfer. Beijing kaifeng superfamily shihua is flow meter co. , LTD is a professional research, development, production and sales all kinds of liquid level, flow control and material level control of high-tech enterprises, the main products: electromagnetic flowmeter, open channel flow meter, water meter, liquid level float switch, electromagnetic resistance spin material level switch magnetic flap, maglev ball liquid level gauge, liquid level, flow switch, etc. Widely used in water treatment, shipbuilding industry, generator equipment, petrochemical industry, instrument pressure machinery and other industries. Companies always adhere to the 'wholeheartedly for customer service' the management policy, is committed to meet the requirements of each customer, in accordance with the needs of each client product development, we sincerely invite the broad masses of new and old friends to choose and buy products, your confidence and support will be our motivation and goal to go on.
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