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Differential pressure transmitter is migration of failure

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-15

the so-called migration amount, is not only the measured liquid level is zero, the differential pressure transmitter by pressure difference, because the liquid level is zero, so the differential pressure is the pressure difference between the pressure chamber and the negative pressure chamber, through calculating the pressure value is negative pressure capillary pressure, silicone oil in the density of the size of silicone oil xGxH ( Difference in height between the two take pressure) 。 Judgment is migration of differential pressure transmitter in the process of field use measurements are accurate, should first close three valve differential pressure transmitter group of positive and negative pressure measuring room, open the balance valve and vent plug, the instrument output should be less than 4 ma. If the output of no less than 4 ma, may be positive pressure chamber or three lead some plug valve group. Second, close the positive pressure chamber pressure points, open the vent switch, then the output should be 4 ma. If the output is lower than 4 ma, is probably the migration quantity small or zero is low; If there is spacer irrigation, maybe spacer is not the filling of or from a near miss; If the output is higher than 4 ma, migration quantity big or zero on the high side.

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