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Differential pressure flow meter application and cooperation

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-02

differential pressure flowmeter consists of a device and the second device. A device called the flow measurement device, it is installed on the current body of the pipe, and flow ( Velocity) Is proportional to the pressure difference, for the display device to secondary flow. Secondary device called display instrument, it receives the measuring element of the differential signal, and converts it to corresponding flow for display. A device used for throttling of differential pressure flow meter device or dynamic pressure measurement device ( Pitot tube, velocity-equalizing tube, etc. ) 。 Secondary device for all kinds of mechanical, electronic, combined differential gauge display instrument with the flow. Differential gauge of differential pressure sensitive element for the elastic element, due to the differential pressure and flow in square root relationship, so the flow display instrument with open square device, so that the flow calibration linearization. Most of the instrument also has flow integrating device, to display the accumulated flow, so that the economic accounting. The use of differential pressure measurement method of flow has a long history and more mature, the world is generally used in important occasions, accounts for about 70% of the volume of flow measurement. Main generator steam, water supply, water flow measurement using the meter.

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