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Consistency is the key - - The process technology and automation technology combined with each other

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-09
Abstract: consistency is the key - - Process technology and automation technology of combination of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. At present, the data from the process equipment design technology to the process technology of data integration has received the widespread attention. Technology ling how was the attitude of software enterprises in first? The PROCESS German stringer made some understanding. In today's process industry equipment manufacturing. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is consistency is the key - - Process technology and automation technology combined the article details. At present, the data from the process equipment design technology to the process technology of data integration has received the widespread attention. Technology ling how was the attitude of software enterprises in first? The PROCESS German stringer made some understanding. In process industry equipment manufacturers today are much more than just the research and development in the technology center of simply to enlarge size scale. Opposite requirements of process equipment technology to ensure that equipment in good zui working point run reliably, such as small in market demand, in accordance with the production under the condition of partial load zui run. And to do this can only rely on a high degree of automation. For process equipment designer, this means that the high data consistency, namely the automation and process the data consistency of process control system. Designers to determine the pipe grade instance is a combination of automation technology and process technology of zui instance. In pipeline design, designers should know the field device size, and these data is often change, and it is in all directions will change the data. This requires a fully integrated automatic system for calibration, such as when number R1234 pipeline from DN40 instead (F1234 diameter size will change accordingly. To achieve the automatic correction, ( German Sanofi - Aventis company) Dr ThomasTauchnitz think there are two basic approaches: when designers use different tools or module to access the same database, avoid using different interfaces. The use of standardized interface, the use of standardized interface to exchange data between different design tools. The instance of using * methods is to use the Comos system produced by Siemens company research and development: based on the relational database and object-oriented abstraction layer, can access different modules. This system covers the process equipment within the whole life cycle of a large part of process control technology and process technology. NovartisPharma company use Comos systems since 2004. The pharmaceutical industry achieved within the scope of the process technology and electrical, detection, control and regulation technology design within the scope of using this tool. The second method is to use so-called Namur packets, with Namur technical standards of packets to replace the development from the various CAE system to the various flow process management system of the special interface, reading and writing CAE system and PLS data. This packet interface also has the role of two-way communication. Mechatronics engineering are there any other solution (* method The same database/data platform) : such as ItanfFactory Cadison are the tools of a central database. Eplan is also a kind of sensor and automation components in machine tools and equipment manufacturing engineering ( Mechatronics engineering) In the data. It can be in the design of the basic engineering P& ID component process control data continuously, coherently for all subsequent project phases. Using the enterprise own platform, may provide the same for all applications based data and functions. Foundation platform of the P& ID module to ensure the process control technology in the interdisciplinary of machine tools, equipment, document data consistency. Seamless transfer of data in engineering project, as it were, into the fluid in the engineering and electrical engineering projects. If appeared as the previously mentioned pipe diameter and related equipment interface of the diameter of the conflict, tool software error are presented. Aucotec companies are also looking for automation and electrical technology in according to the principle of other connections between tools. For example, in ECAE Aucotec companies ( Computer aided engineering) In the design of the motor can also appear in the 3 d - CAD mechanical diagram. Based on the database, EB Aucotec company engineering and technical foundation database contains all the content of the project, like 3 d - can also access and link CAD system of data. Using this approach, the tool will cross the machinery manufacturing, process control technology, the boundaries between cables design and energy supply. SmartPlant3D is Intergraph's data-centric, dominated by the rules of software solutions, it specifications for process equipment design, the whole life cycle of operation provides all the required functions. Aveva Plant of the company for the process industry and energy industry provides the integrated project management, information management solutions and engineering applications, it put the open and flexible total life cycle management are combined together. Using new Everything3D ( E3D) Enables the Aveva company to in engineering design, process, equipment layout design and structure design to realize the working process of the thin. It is greatly improving the process of the project research and development speed, reduce the risk. Want to get special PLT a wide range of integrated solutions, can be in R? Sberg engineering technology companies to find their own needs.
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