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Common difference ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-01

common difference ultrasonic flowmeter ( 1) Clip-on external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter is the production of the first, the user the most familiar and most widely used ultrasonic flowmeter, converter installation without pipe flow, namely stick the box, it fully embodies the characteristics of the ultrasonic flowmeter installation is simple, easy to use ( 2) Pipe sections of some pipes because hydrophobic materials, guide, or corrosion is serious, the lining and the pipe space such as clearance reason, lead to serious, ultrasonic signal attenuation with outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter to measure, so the pipe sections of ultrasonic flowmeter. Pipe sections of the ultrasonic flowmeter sensor and measurement of an organic whole, solved the outer clamp meter in the measurement of a problem. And measuring accuracy is higher than other ultrasonic flowmeter, but also at the expense of the clip-on installed the ultrasonic flow meter does not block the advantages of open pipeline installation of sensors. ( 3) Plug-in plug-in ultrasonic flow meter between the above two. Can not stop in the installation, use of specialized tools in the water pipe to punch holes, insert the sensor into the pipe, complete the installation. Because of the sensor in the pipe, the signal of the transmission and reception only after being measured medium, rather than through the tube wall and lining, so the measurement is restricted by pipe and lining material.

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