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Circulating fluidized bed boiler fan switching system analysis dual-band without interference

by:Sincerity     2021-01-20
Abstract: circulating fluidized bed boiler fan switch dual-band without interference system analysis information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 0 the introduction as the twelfth five-year integrated energy saving and emission reduction work plan unceasingly thorough development, our country electric power, steel and other industries in strict accordance with the stick to the reduction of energy consumption intensity, reasonable control energy consumption, promote technological progress, the combination of increased significantly. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a circulating fluidized bed boiler fan switch dual-band without interference system analysis for details. 0 the introduction as the & other; Five-year & throughout; The deepening of the comprehensive work plan to carry out the energy conservation and emissions reduction, electric power, iron and steel industries in our country in strict accordance with & other; Adhere to the reduction of energy consumption intensity, reasonable control energy consumption, promote technological progress, the combination of improved energy efficiency & throughout; Policy, and actively implement energy conservation and emissions reduction measures, to boost the sustainable development. Shandong weihai broadcom electric limited as the main heating unit of weihai economic and technological development zone, for the area more than 130 enterprises and institutions to provide production with steam and undertake the task of nearly 5 million square meters of the central heating. Company two 130 t/h and a 220 t/h boiler as the main boiler, responsible for most of the heat supply and heating. However, due to the disadvantages, the traditional design rely on the wind baffle to adjust air pressure lead to large energy consumption, waste is very serious. For positive response national policy called for and promote comprehensive economic benefits, shandong weihai broadcom electric limited frequency control of motor speed of the fan. 1 the necessity of the circulating fluidized bed boiler smoke fan system modification first, boiler operates early not considering the speed of the fan. Fan constant speed operation, entirely by the damper adjustment of wind pressure, wind baffle regulating control characteristic is poor, the pressure loss is serious, baffle was 30% ~ 80% opening for a long time, low system efficiency, high auxiliary power. 130 t/h boiler tons of steam power consumption up to 9 ~ 10 KWH/t, 220 t/h tons of steam power consumption up to 11 ~ 12 KWH/t, cause the waste of energy. Second, the traditional design of a fan, secondary fan and induced draft fan inlet throttling device ( Or the damper, throttle) The opening pressure adjustment. Due to the general design air volume and air pressure than the rated conditions as required leave big design margin, so the general fan, motor selection slants big, so the actual throttle opening in 30% ~ 80%, led to the inefficient zone, fan often work to waste a lot of energy. Again, throttle to adjust the air flow linearity is bad, often occurs when adjust the opening of the throttle opening little change but the air volume change is large, it is difficult to achieve precise matching the requirements of the automatic combustion air flow and the running efficiency of circulating fluidized bed boiler. So in circulating fluidized bed boiler fan on the application of variable frequency speed regulating device can reduce the rate of auxiliary power, and as a result of the frequency converter speed control has good properties, its application to boiler unit automatic control equipment foundation, from the energy saving and reduces the running cost of operation and management. 2 high voltage frequency converter speed regulation technology energy saving principle of asynchronous motor frequency control of motor speed is by changing the stator power supply frequency f to change the synchronous speed and realize the speed control, from high to low speed in the speed control can maintain a small slip, so small slip power consumption, high efficiency, is an asynchronous motor zui for reasonable speed control method. By the formula n = 60 f/p ( 1 - s) It can be seen that if change the power supply frequency f evenly, can smoothly change the running speed of the motor n. Asynchronous motor frequency control of motor speed has a wide range of speed regulation, high smoothness and advantages of the mechanical characteristics of hard, at present, the frequency conversion speed regulation have become the main mode of speed regulation asynchronous motor zui, have been widely used in many fields. For the centrifugal fan, fluid mechanics have the following principle: output volume Q is proportional to the speed of n; Is proportional to the square of the output pressure H and rotational speed n; The output shaft power P in the direct ratio with rotational speed n. Namely: Q1 / Q2 = n1 n2; H1/H2=( n1、n2) 2; P1和P2 = ( n1、n2) 3. When the fan air volume need to change, such as damper opening, can make a lot of energy consumption on the valves and piping system resistance in vain. Such as make use of frequency control of motor speed regulation, can make the shaft power increases with the reduction of traffic declined dramatically. Frequency control of motor speed, when the fan is lower than the rated speed, the theory of power saving is: E = ( 1 - ( n′ / n) 3) × P× T type: n is rated speed, n′ When is the actual speed, P is rated speed motor power, T is the working time. Visible, through the modification of frequency conversion of fan, not only saving energy, and can greatly improve the performance of the equipment. The above formula provides a theoretical basis for energy saving.
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