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Automatic wireless meter reading system design and research

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-10
Abstract: the design of automatic wireless meter reading system and research on information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Abstract: this paper presents a wireless automatic meter reading system, the communication of good quality, low cost, reliable operation, economical and practical, can accurate and timely three table data sent to the user, is an ideal automatic meter reading solution, is also a meter reading. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the design of the automatic wireless meter reading system and research paper for details. This paper proposes a wireless automatic meter reading system, the communication of good quality, low cost, reliable operation, economical and practical, can accurate and timely three table data sent to the user, is an ideal automatic meter reading solution, as well as the trend of the development of the meter reading charge system. 1, the structure of the meter reading system meter reading system is mainly composed of the main, GPRS communication channel, data collector, concentrator, low voltage power line network, the user of electricity meters. System working principle is to use the low voltage power line or RS 232 bus to transmit electric meter data by the collector to concentrator, then the concentrator will signal timing or real-time transmission to the GPRS network, the gateway support node ( GatewayGPRSSupportNode GGSN) After complete the data exchange with the Internet network, zui by host computer receives the data on the Internet and the user meter data summary, electricity metering, line loss analysis and related processing. System can be used for domestic three tables or table data of cc. System lower directly connected to the water meter, electric meter, gas meter, etc, the upper center host connection with the meter reading and realize the data remote cc. Systems generally use passive meter reading way. The center of the upper module receives the instrument meter reading command, sent via wireless way to lower level module meter reading instruction. Wireless meter reading system's overall framework as shown in figure l. 2, the introduction of the 2 main device. 1 the main characteristics of AT89S52 A89S52 is a kind of low power consumption, high performance CMOS8 microcontroller, with 8 k in system programmable F1ash memory. On-chip F1ash allows applications in system programmable memory, also suitable for conventional programmer. On a single chip, has the nimble 8-bit CPU and in system programmable Flash, makes the AT89S52 for many embedded control applications system provides high flexible and effective solution. A89S52 compatible with a 5 l single chip microcomputer MCS product, with 8 k bytes in system programmable F1ash memory wipe cycles, 1000 times, total static operation: OHz ~ 33 hz, triple encryption program memory, 32 programmable I/O port line, three eight 16-bit timer/counter, interrupt source, full duplex UART serial channels, low power consumption and power down mode, free after electrical interruption can awaken, watchdog timer, double data pointer, useing identifier. 2. 2 main performance CC1100 CC1100 is a kind of low cost single chip real UHF transceivers, designed for low power wireless applications. The main circuit for setting in 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHZ ISM ( Industrial, scientific, and medical) And ISRD ( Short equipment) Frequency band, also can easily set to 300 ~ 348 MHZ, 400 ~ 464 MHZ and 800 ~ 928 MHZ other frequencies. The RF transceiver integrates a highly configurable modems. The data transfer rate of up to 500 KBPS. Through open integration forward error correction in modem options, can make the performance is improved. CC1100 for packet handling, data buffering, burst data transmission, clear channel assessment, link quality indication and electromagnetic provides extensive hardware support. The main operation parameters and CC1100 164 transmitting/receiving FIF0 ( First in first out stacks) Could be controlled through the SPI interface. 3, the hardware design single chip microcomputer control of the transmitting module and receiving module, first of all should be initialized to MCU interface ( SPI bus interface technology is one kind of high speed, high efficiency of the serial interface technology, mainly used in the extension peripherals and data exchange. ) Initialization, and then to the rf module, in this part of the initialization to electricity and reset chip on chip registers configured for it. Transmitter launch one of a set of data is to through the mouth, the buffer is set a single number, sending data and then write to send packets, data automatic lead code and check, and then into delivery mode to send data packets, waiting for the sending end, zui after flushing the buffer, this is sent. The receiver to receive a set of data into the first receiving mode, waits to receive complete information, and then receives the packet decompose, read all the data received and stored, zui after washing buffer, the receiving end. CC1100 has package processing mechanism, the sending and receiving FIF0, WOR mode ( WakeonRadio) , and many other features. Before CC1100 wireless transceiver chip are used synchronously according to the data will send out, in this way to send and receive data processing up more troublesome, judgment of leading and synchronization words even when receiving.
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