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Are ultrasonic flow meters and ultrasonic water meters the same product?

by:Sincerity     2022-06-15
Are ultrasonic flow meters and ultrasonic water meters the same product? Ultrasonic water meters have excellent small flow detection capabilities, can solve many problems of traditional water meters, are more suitable for gradient charging of water fees, and are more suitable for the conservation and rational use of water resources. market and usage prospects. Many people are very confused about these two words. Everyone is ultrasonic. Why is a water meter a flowmeter, and a flowmeter is not a water meter? Ultrasonic flowmeters detect the effect of fluid flow on ultrasonic beams (or ultrasonic pulses). A meter for measuring flow. The ultrasonic flowmeter adopts the time difference measurement principle: after a probe transmits a signal passing through the pipe wall, the medium, and the other side pipe wall, it is received by another probe, and at the same time, the second probe also transmits a signal and is received by the first probe , due to the influence of the medium flow rate, there is a time difference Δt between the two. According to the calculation, the conversion relationship between the flow rate V and the time difference Δt can be obtained Vu003d(C2/2L)×Δt, and then the flow value Q can be obtained. Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact instrument, which can measure the flow of medium with large diameter and can also be used for the measurement of medium that is not easy to contact and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, and it is hardly disturbed by various parameters of the measured medium. The ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter that can further calculate the water flow by detecting the time difference caused by the speed change when the ultrasonic sound beam propagates upstream and downstream in the water, and analyzes and processes the water flow rate. Ultrasonic water meter features: low initial flow rate, wide range ratio, high measurement accuracy and stable operation. There are no moving parts inside the ultrasonic water meter and no blocking elements, so it is not affected by impurities in the water and has a long service life. The output communication function is complete, to meet various communication and wireless networking requirements. It has excellent small flow detection ability, can solve many problems of traditional water meters, is more suitable for gradient charging of water fee, more suitable for saving and rational utilization of water resources, and has broad market and application prospects. Therefore, the principle of ultrasonic flowmeter and ultrasonic water meter is the same. Apply to water. (for reference only)
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