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Application of the turbine meter scale in natural gas flow meter scale

by:Sincerity     2021-02-14
Abstract: the application of the turbine meter scale in natural gas flow meter scale information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Turbine meter on the market has been a long time, with its excellent performance, reliable measurement precision widely recognized by the market. Such as oil, natural gas, liquefied gas and cryogenic fluid medium has excellent performance measurement field. Under. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a turbine meter scale application in the amount of gas flow meter scale article details. Turbine meter on the market has been a long time, with its excellent performance, reliable measurement precision widely recognized by the market. Such as oil, natural gas, liquefied gas and cryogenic fluid medium has excellent performance measurement field. Below small make up to share with you the flow meter manufacturer of a new generation of. vn series turbine flow meter, what are the advantages in terms of measurement of natural gas. one Turbine flowmeter in the application of natural gas flow metering with the vigorous development of the natural gas project in our country, the turbine flowmeter is widely used in natural gas trade settlement process. Before the use of turbine flowmeter metering of natural gas flow, the first to install the turbine flowmeter, turbine flowmeter installation before, want to make sure the gas transmission pipeline is clean, and there is no water, dirt, etc. These can cause damage to the mechanical parts of the turbine blades and turbine flowmeter of impurities, if the measured gas contains impurities, must want to add filter, prevent damage of turbine flowmeter. Turbine flowmeter at the time of installation should be level, try not to vertical installation, if the water is contained in natural gas pipeline, the turbine flowmeter to tilt, guarantee the gas could come out from the meter. The transmission direction of natural gas to agree with the direction of the turbine flowmeter on, not in the opposite direction installation. Generally recommended in the inlet and outlet of the turbine flow meter with a straight pipe, inlet side length of not less than 10 times the diameter pipe, outlet diameter, length of not less than five times the pipe section or can be installed between the choke devices and turbine flowmeter rectifier. Second, the turbine flowmeter in the practical application of existing problems and related Suggestions as a result of the influence of various factors, turbine flowmeter in the process of practical application there are still some problems. Common problems are: no signal, slow and fast operation, turbine flowmeter negative deviation (not counting, Lower accuracy) And the design flow and the actual flow does not match, and so on. For the above problems can put forward the following Suggestions: 1, in the case of no signal, should first check the power supply, check the power supply no problem after inspection on turbine flowmeter itself, and is an instrument or secondary instrument fault, if there is no problem, secondary instrument, check whether the signal wire is properly connected, if still no signal output, it is possible that the fluid flow rate is too slow or sensor problems, lead to detect signals. 2, in the case of slow and fast operation, first of all, can be controlled by adjusting the instrument coefficient of speed, if the meter coefficient change is bigger, also can check whether the inserted rod depth is appropriate, in most cases, is due to the impeller can not running, flow meter contains dirt, can use hydrochloric acid to wash the dirt. 3, in the case of turbine flowmeter does not count, may be due to the power supply or switch caused by poor contact, so make inspection on the inside of the turbine meter device, check if the parts fail, if failed, should be timely repair or replacement parts. 4, as a speed meter, with the increase of running time ( Usually two years after operation) , internal bearing will gradually wear, easy to cause impeller speed slow ( Compared with the normal) , negative deviation increases, thus cause the phenomenon of measurement less, especially for the measurement of the large flow influence. Suggestions to improve the way: with manufacturers and agents communicate actively, targeted maintenance or just regular replacement of bearings. 5, in the metrology management, often will encounter flow design flow and the actual flow mismatch problem: either the design discharge is too large, high flow, start production after small flow measurement does not even properly ( Commonly known as & other; Big mara car & throughout; ) ; Either the design discharge is too small (overload running meter even damage caused Commonly known as & other; A small taxi & throughout; ) 。 To avoid the above problems, need to be in front of the instrument selection, fully grasp the downstream gas supply unit and the load case of gas equipment, considering the influence of related factors; At the same time, with gas in the operation of the conditions change to the meter also make corresponding adjustment. These are to lose control is an important means. Through the above analysis, the application of measuring gas turbine flow meter as we know, each performance is superior, the turbine flowmeter and the function is strong, so its application is extensive, for example, oil, natural gas, liquefied gas and cryogenic fluid, etc. In Europe, North America and west to east gas pipeline in our country one line, two line and the sichuan to east gas pipeline pipeline, etc. , are also a lot of trade with the use of turbine flowmeter metering, obviously, the turbine flowmeter has become a widespread use of natural gas flow meter. If you have other questions or requirements about flow meter and flow meter manufacturer, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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