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Application of Mass Flow Meter in Natural Gas Measurement

by:Sincerity     2022-08-12
Abstract: The application information of mass flow meter in natural gas measurement is provided by excellent flow meter and flow meter manufacturers. Tianchen Borui mass flowmeter can not only measure the quality of liquid, but also the quality of natural gas, but it is not widely used in the measurement of natural gas. For example, in the long-distance pipeline trade measurement of refined oil, gas filling machines in gas stations, etc. under. More flowmeter manufacturers choose models and price quotations. You are welcome to inquire. The following is the application article details of mass flowmeters in natural gas measurement. Tianchen Borui mass flowmeter can not only measure the quality of liquid, but also the quality of natural gas, but it is not widely used in the measurement of natural gas. For example, in the long-distance pipeline trade measurement of refined oil, gas filling machines in gas stations, etc. The following will introduce how Tianchen Borui mass flowmeter is applied to natural gas measurement. 1. Features of mass flowmeter 1.1. Advantages According to the working principle and structure, compared with other flowmeters, the mass flowmeter for measuring natural gas has the following advantages: (1) High measurement accuracy and good stability, which truly realizes high-precision direct Flow measurement. (2) The range ratio is high, which can generally reach 20!1 to 50!1, and some mass flow meters have a range of more than 100!1. (3) It is not affected by the fluid flow state in the pipe, and there is no need to set straight pipe sections upstream and downstream of the flowmeter. (4) There are no moving parts in the detection tube, and no parts that block fluid flow, which makes the flowmeter easier to maintain and clean, and has a longer service life. (5) It has wide adaptability to the medium and can be applied to the measurement of dirty gas or moisture which is difficult to maintain. It can be used in the case of large changes in gas composition and density. (6) Particularly suitable for quality-based custody transfer metering and process control applications. 2.2. Disadvantages Of course, mass flowmeters also have shortcomings. When selecting, the following points should be fully paid attention to: (1) It cannot be used to measure natural gas with too low density. (2) It is more sensitive to external vibration interference, and the mass flowmeter has higher requirements for installation and fixation. (3) It cannot be used for large-diameter flow measurement. (4) It has a larger volume and weight; the pressure loss is also larger. (5) Expensive. 2. Measurement methods of mass flowmeters At present, there are three systems in the international natural gas trade transfer measurement system: one is volume measurement under standard reference conditions, the second is mass measurement, and the third is energy measurement under standard reference conditions; For the three measurement methods, the mass flowmeter can be completed alone or with other equipment; the existing relevant standards are the international AGA11# report and the domestic SY/T6659-2006 ∀ Natural gas flow measurement with Coriolis mass flowmeter#. 2.1. Mass measurement Since the mass flowmeter can directly measure the instantaneous mass flow of natural gas, it has unique advantages in mass measurement and can be completed independently without other measuring equipment. 3. The scope of application in natural gas measurement 3.1. The application of mass flowmeter in pipeline natural gas Although the mass flowmeter has many advantages, it cannot be used for large-diameter flow measurement, large pressure loss, and high price. It limits its measurement application in long-distance natural gas pipelines; at present, the mainstream natural gas metering instruments for long-distance pipelines are ultrasonic flowmeters, turbine flowmeters and orifice flowmeters. The orifice flowmeter has the disadvantages of low accuracy, small range ratio, large pressure loss, long requirements for the straight pipe section before and after the flowmeter, large floor space, many components involved in the detection and many links for maintenance. The ultrasonic flowmeter has high accuracy, large range ratio, no pressure loss, energy saving; no moving parts, small maintenance, and can save a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, the cost performance ratio of ultrasonic flowmeter is much higher than that of orifice flowmeter. At present, ultrasonic flowmeter has gradually replaced orifice flowmeter as an ideal product for natural gas custody transfer. Gas turbine flowmeter has a long application history and mature technology, and it is also widely used in the field of international natural gas measurement. It is characterized by high accuracy, good stability, wide range, short straight pipe section required, and small footprint. However, the gas turbine flowmeter has high requirements on the cleanliness of the measured medium. Since the impeller of the turbine flowmeter is easily damaged, it is generally required to install a filter in front of the flowmeter; and it also has high requirements for operation. This leads to a large amount of maintenance and repair of the turbine flowmeter in the later period. Although the ultrasonic flowmeter has many advantages, the measurement principle of the ultrasonic flowmeter is the propagation time difference method. It is difficult to obtain accurate measurement, which reduces the turndown ratio and accuracy of the small-diameter ultrasonic flowmeter. Therefore, in the measurement of pipeline natural gas, the space left for the mass flowmeter is basically only small-diameter (below DN100) and dirty natural gas. In these two cases, the mass flowmeter can give full play to its use. its advantages
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