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Analysis of Electromagnetic Flowmeter in Industrial Water Metering in Steel Plant

by:Sincerity     2022-05-24
Electromagnetic flowmeter analysis in industrial water metering in steel mills When measuring flowing objects, accuracy is difficult to guarantee. In the production process of iron and steel plants, the amount of dust generated is very large, and factors such as vibration, high temperature, and humidity will also have a certain impact, which makes the working environment of the instrument worse, and the measurement data should always be kept high. Accuracy is more difficult. However, at this stage, enterprises have very high requirements for data in the process of management assessment. In this context, the quality of work must be greatly improved to ensure that data products can meet the assessment requirements. From the actual situation of installation, use, maintenance, etc., electromagnetic flowmeter has obvious advantages, through which it can make the results of industrial water metering in steel mills more accurate. 1. Working principle From the perspective of the application of electromagnetic flowmeter, the principle it follows is Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The measuring tube is a short tube of non-magnetic conductive alloy, lined with insulating material, and the electrode is fixed after penetrating the tube wall to ensure Electrode tip, lining surface can remain flush. When the pulse is excited, the working magnetic field will be generated. At this point, the fluid has a certain conductivity, and it will pass through the measuring tube, so that the electromotive force can be obtained. After the flow signal enters the converter, it will be amplified, so that the price flow and total amount can be effectively presented, and the pulse signal can be output, and the current signal can be simulated. 2. The application status of electromagnetic flowmeters The use of electromagnetic flowmeters in polymer injection profile logging is relatively common, through which the problem of excessive fluid viscosity can be effectively solved, thereby ensuring that the measurement error can be controlled within a small range . In the process of measuring the recovery flow, the role of the electromagnetic flowmeter is obvious. Even if the viscosity of the drilling fluid is high, the measurement work can be carried out smoothly. The equipment in the factory should be well maintained and maintained. At this time, the electromagnetic flowmeter can also be applied. Through it, the online connection purpose can be achieved, and the sensing system can be established. At the same time, the instrument can be accurately diagnosed, Prediction, and then ensure that the life of the equipment can be effectively extended, and the production potential of each equipment will be fully tapped. In addition, the output current signal is relatively weak, so as to ensure that the goals of recording and control can be achieved. In steel mills, industrial water measurement cannot be ignored. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the measurement work, the electromagnetic flowmeter should be fully applied. Analysis of the electromagnetic flowmeter shows that it follows the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the conductive liquid is the measurement object. The electromagnetic flowmeter is installed on one side of the pipeline. When the industrial water is in a flowing state, the magnetic field lines will inevitably be cut, so that an induced potential will appear. At this time, the industrial water in the pipeline can be analyzed through the electromagnetic flowmeter, and the electromagnetic flow can be used. The formula can be calculated to understand the actual flow of industrial water.
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