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Accurate measurement of steam flow meter scale several important factors

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-08
Abstract: the accurate measurement of steam flow meter scale several important elements of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Several important factors of steam flowmeter accurately measuring the density compensation, steam flowmeter to scientific and accurate: in order to correctly measure the quality of the steam flow, must consider the change of steam pressure and temperature, the through flow totalizer. especially vapor density to compensate. 。 More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is some important accurate measurement of steam flow meter scale factor article details. Several important factors of steam flowmeter accurately measuring the density compensation, steam flowmeter to scientific and accurate: in order to correctly measure the quality of the steam flow, must consider the change of steam pressure and temperature, the through flow totalizer. especially vapor density to compensate. Measuring steam temperature must be standard installation: platinum resistance temperature measurement platinum thermal resistance is inserted into the pipe center position, install the platinic resistance in the downstream of the flow meter of 5 times the pipe diameter, installation position platinum thermal resistance of the pipe heat preservation measures, etc. , to ensure accurate measured temperature value. In the steam pressure measurement is important to note that if the lead pipe pressure, must be zero migration ( Because led tube condensate gravity causes pressure transducer to measure the pressure with a certain difference between the actual pressure, cause density compensation error) , can also be used in steam flowmeter in flow totalizer. especially for correction. Pressure transmitter installed in the downstream of the steam flowmeter 4 times the pipe diameter, pressure transmitter in front of the valve, gasket should be in good condition, to ensure the accurate measurement of steam pressure. If the set pressure, temperature compensation, close to the actual value to set, otherwise the error is very big, is generally not recommended. In the flow totalizer. especially to correctly set the operation of the steam flowmeter, it is very important to correctly calculate the cost of the steam. For the use of steam condition not good judgment, the proposal USES of intelligent flow totalizer. especially with platinum resistance, pressure transmitter, temperature and pressure compensation, so the measurement accuracy of the steam mass flow zui. Second, the straight pipe upstream and downstream of the steam flowmeter properly installed for the traditional vortex flowmeter, straight pipe before and after the installation requirement of 20 times the pipe diameter and 5 times the pipe diameter (respectively This is the front of the flowmeter without obstacles such as valve technical requirements; There are obstacles to increase the straight pipe, specific see illustrations of the manufacturer) 。 If the upstream and downstream straight pipe is not enough, will cause the pipe steam flow has not fully developed, the distortion in the velocity distribution profile. Users can pass before the steam flowmeter installation or increase the straight pipe flow regulator to adjust the velocity distribution of the pipeline, the steam flowmeter in the state of fluid for the full development. For some large diameter steam flowmeter, satisfy the requirement of the upstream and downstream straight pipe installation is more important. Three, the steam flow meter range than the reasonable range than refers to a flow meter in can ensure the accuracy of a given range, can measure zui the ratio of the large flow and zui small flow. User to choose according to their actual usage flowmeter, in theory for the steam flowmeter range to completely cover the user's use. More than traffic cap and use below cut-off flow can cause serious no steam flowmeter measurement. Such as: the actual average flow rate for 5 t/h steam flowmeter, vortex street generally should choose the diameter is 150 mm vortex flowmeter, but when the flow down to zero. 3 t/h or more than 15 t/h, the meter will appear serious measurement phrase. Four, the existence of vibration and electromagnetic interference should avoid steam metering applications zui much affected by the design principle of vortex street flowmeter, is more sensitive to mechanical vibration, vibration measurement results are susceptible to interference, the section before and after the steam flow meter should be reliable support design, equipped with vibration buffer components, such as pipeline vibration inevitably, should choose relatively strong anti-jamming capability of steam flowmeter ( Such as gas ultrasonic flowmeter, the intelligent type vortex flowmeters, differential pressure flowmeter, etc. ) 。 Existed if steam flowmeter field vibration interference, will use steam vortex street flowmeter in the low frequency pulse signal of the impact, the steam flowmeter will pass these pulses as traffic signal, flow totalizer. especially cumulative flow formation, cause vortex steam flow meter in a period of time without the aid of steam still have accumulated a certain amount of number. This is & other; Without the steam flowmeter go words throughout the &; Reasons, so in the case of without steam, steam users also want to remember good table together with steam supply unit, prevent steam flowmeter & other; Short run & throughout; 。 Five, in accordance with law, it is very important to test the measurement on a regular basis and GB17167 - 2006 of the energy-using units energy measuring instruments equipped with the general rules and the management of specified: compulsory verification of measuring instruments and the energy measuring instruments should be inspected regularly, every JingJian does not conform to the requirements of measuring instruments are not allowed to be used. Steam flowmeter must regularly check, this is the prerequisite of steam flow correct measurement. The masses of users, therefore, every year will use steam flowmeter to local statutory measurement technology for metrological verification institutions. If the steam flowmeter calibration qualified, and the actual use is feeling & other; Measuring no & throughout; When users are from the meter is correct installation, type selection, instrument operation state, interference, the actual status if there is a change of steam, etc to find the methods to solve the problem. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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