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A survey of gas meter technical knowledge

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-03

gas flowmeter gas flowmeter measurement technology introduces below 1, 5 basic knowledge as the method of measured results for different, measurement method for the direct method and indirect method. 2, according to different reading the value of the measurement result, measuring methods can be divided into absolute and relative amounts. 3, according to the measured surface is in contact with the measuring tool is discharged, method of measuring methods can be divided into contact and contact method. 4, based on what to measure parameters can be divided into comprehensive method and component method. 5, according to the measurement of mechanical manufacturing process the role of the different, can be divided into passive and active measurement. In addition to the above measurement tools and methods, there are a lot of shop operators should learn the basic knowledge of measurement. Sue accused of instrument will don't study in regular staff training, let our staff to grasp more business by learning knowledge. Brings to the staff itself again relaxed and natural in the process of work, also bring higher efficiency

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