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how do coriolis meters work

by:Sincerity Group     2023-12-02

How Do Coriolis Meters Work?


Coriolis meters are widely used in various industries for accurate measurement of fluid flow rates. This article explores the working principles of Coriolis meters, their applications, advantages, and limitations.

1. The Basics of Coriolis Meters:

Coriolis meters are a type of flow meter that utilizes the Coriolis effect to measure flow rates. They consist of a U-shaped tube that vibrates at a specific frequency. As fluid flows through the tube, it causes deflection, which is then measured and converted into flow rate data.

2. Principle of Coriolis Effect:

The Coriolis effect states that an object moving in a rotating system experiences a force perpendicular to its motion. In the case of Coriolis meters, when a fluid flows through the vibrating tube, it tries to deflect the tube due to the Coriolis effect.

3. Measurement Technique:

Coriolis meters measure the deflection of the vibrating tube caused by the flowing fluid. The deflection is directly proportional to the mass flow rate. Two sensors located at the inlet and outlet measure the phase difference between the vibrations in the U-shaped tube, allowing for precise measurement.

4. Factors Affecting Accuracy:

Several factors can affect the accuracy of Coriolis meters. Density changes in the fluid, temperature variations, pressure fluctuations, and viscosity differences can all influence the accuracy of the measurement. It is crucial to consider these factors during calibration and maintenance.

5. Applications of Coriolis Meters:

Coriolis meters find applications in various industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical manufacturing, and wastewater treatment. They are suitable for measuring both liquids and gases, making them versatile for different processes.

6. Advantages of Coriolis Meters:

Coriolis meters offer several advantages over other flow measurement techniques. Some key advantages include:

- High accuracy: Coriolis meters provide highly accurate and repeatable flow rate measurements.

- Density measurement: These meters can also measure the density of the flowing fluid simultaneously, eliminating the need for an additional sensor.

- Multivariable measurement: Coriolis meters can measure mass flow rate, density, temperature, and sometimes even viscosity, providing comprehensive process data.

- Minimal pressure drop: Coriolis meters have low-pressure drop, reducing energy consumption and ensuring minimal disruption to the overall system.

7. Limitations and Considerations:

While Coriolis meters offer numerous benefits, they also have limitations and considerations to keep in mind:

- High initial cost: Coriolis meters can be more expensive compared to other flow metering technologies. However, their accuracy and versatility justify the investment for many applications.

- Sensitivity to external vibrations: Vibrations from nearby equipment or machinery can affect the accuracy of Coriolis meters. Proper installation and isolation techniques are necessary to minimize these interferences.

- Limited turndown ratio: Coriolis meters may have limitations when it comes to measuring extremely low flow rates. Careful selection and configuration are essential to achieve accurate measurements throughout the desired flow range.


Coriolis meters are essential tools for precise flow rate measurement in various industries. By utilizing the Coriolis effect, these meters provide accurate and reliable data for process optimization and control. Despite their initial cost and certain limitations, the unique capabilities and advantages of Coriolis meters make them an indispensable asset for industries where precise flow measurement is critical.

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