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Comparing Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters to Traditional Technologies

by:Sincerity Group     2023-11-29

Comparing Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters to Traditional Technologies


In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, accurate measurement of fluid flow is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and reliability of various processes. Flow meters play a pivotal role in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage, where maintaining the precise flow rate is essential. The emergence of advanced technologies has revolutionized flow measurement, with Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters emerging as a leading choice over traditional technologies. In this article, we will delve into the key differences between Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters and their conventional counterparts, analyzing their performance, features, advantages, disadvantages, and applications.

1. Understanding Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters:

Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters are highly accurate and versatile devices used for measuring the mass flow rate of fluids. Unlike traditional flow meters, which rely on volume or velocity-based measurements, Coriolis flow meters make use of the Coriolis effect to calculate mass flow directly. The Coriolis effect refers to the phenomenon observed when a fluid flowing through a vibrating tube experiences a Coriolis force, causing a phase difference that can be measured and converted into mass flow rate.

2. Performance and Accuracy:

One of the most significant advantages of Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters over traditional technologies is their superior accuracy. Traditional flow meters, such as turbine or positive displacement types, often face challenges in accurately measuring fluid flow due to factors like turbulence, variations in fluid density, temperature, and viscosity. Conversely, Coriolis flow meters have minimal dependence on fluid properties and provide reliable accuracy within a wide range of flow rates. Their ability to measure mass flow directly eliminates uncertainties associated with changes in fluid composition, making them ideal for applications requiring high precision.

3. Enhanced Features and Capabilities:

Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters come equipped with various advanced features and capabilities that set them apart from traditional flow meters. Many Coriolis flow meters offer built-in diagnostics, process verification, and self-checking functions, ensuring reliable operation and facilitating maintenance. Their ability to measure multiple process variables simultaneously, including density, temperature, and concentration, makes them a cost-effective solution for applications that require comprehensive data. Additionally, Coriolis flow meters can handle a wide range of fluids, ranging from light gases to heavy oils, without requiring significant recalibration or configuration changes.

4. Advantages of Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters:

a) High Accuracy and Reliability: As previously discussed, the direct mass flow measurement capability of Coriolis flow meters significantly enhances accuracy and reliability, minimizing uncertainties and errors associated with traditional flow meters.

b) Wide Flow Range: Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters exhibit exceptional turndown ratios, allowing for accurate measurement across a wide range of flow rates. This flexibility eliminates the need for multiple flow meters in applications with varying flow rates.

c) Low Pressure Drop: Pressure drop is a crucial consideration in many process industries. Coriolis flow meters have low-pressure drop characteristics compared to traditional technologies, reducing energy consumption and overall system costs.

d) Negligible Maintenance: Coriolis flow meters have no moving parts and do not require frequent recalibration or maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime and increased cost-effectiveness.

e) Compatibility with Various Fluids: Coriolis flow meters can handle both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, enabling their application in a wide range of industries. They can accurately measure fluids with high viscosity, abrasiveness, or corrosiveness, making them suitable for challenging environments.

5. Disadvantages of Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters:

While Coriolis flow meters offer remarkable advantages, it's essential to consider their limitations before selecting them for specific applications.

a) Higher Initial Cost: Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters are generally more expensive upfront compared to certain traditional flow meters. However, their long-term accuracy, reliability, and low maintenance needs contribute to overall cost savings over time.

b) Susceptibility to External Vibrations: Coriolis flow meters can be affected by external vibrations, which may impact their accuracy. Installing vibration isolation mechanisms or selecting appropriate mounting locations helps mitigate this issue.

c) Size and Weight: In certain scenarios with space constraints, the size and weight of Coriolis flow meters may pose challenges. However, compact and lightweight options are available in the market to address this concern.

6. Applications of Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters:

a) Custody Transfer: Coriolis flow meters are widely used in custody transfer applications, where precise measurement of fluid flow is essential for accurate billing and allocation.

b) Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology: The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries require accurate and hygienic flow measurement of fluids such as chemicals, solvents, or media in various processing stages. Coriolis flow meters meet these requirements and offer compliance with stringent sanitary standards.

c) Food and Beverage Production: In food and beverage production processes, where precise measurement of ingredients, such as milk, cream, or syrups, is vital for maintaining product quality, Coriolis flow meters ensure accurate mass flow measurement without compromising hygiene.

d) Oil and Gas Exploration: Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters are extensively used in oil and gas exploration, refining, and transportation, where accurate measurement of crude oil, natural gas, and various petrochemicals is necessary for process optimization and custody transfer.

e) Chemical Processing: Due to their ability to handle corrosive and hazardous fluids, Coriolis flow meters find significant usage in chemical processing industries. They provide accurate measurement, ensure safety, and enhance overall efficiency in chemical production processes.


Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters have emerged as a technologically advanced and reliable solution for fluid flow measurement. This article has presented an in-depth comparison between Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters and traditional technologies, highlighting their performance, advantages, disadvantages, and applications. While traditional flow meters have their place in certain applications, the superior accuracy, wide flow range, advanced features, and compatibility with various fluids make Coriolis flow meters a preferred choice in many industries. Ultimately, the selection of the most suitable flow meter depends on the specific requirements of each application and the desired balance between initial investment and long-term performance.

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