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A new type of ultrasonic doppler flow meter scale design of the probe

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-07
Abstract: a new type of ultrasonic doppler flow meter scale probes the design of the information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Abstract: this paper introduces a new type of suitable for installation in the line of external clip-on probe ultrasonic doppler flowmeter. Ultrasonic doppler flowmeter sensor was introduced in detail the principle, structure, major components of the material, shape, function and some important parameters. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a new type of ultrasonic doppler flowmeter scale probe design article details. This paper introduces a new type of suitable for installation in the line of external clip-on probe ultrasonic doppler flowmeter. Ultrasonic doppler flowmeter sensor was introduced in detail the principle, structure, major components of the material, shape, function and important parameters, such as and probe the launch of the basic structure, principle of circuit and the simulation results. Checked by practice, the ultrasonic transducer has good and stable performance, and has wide application prospect. Introduction ultrasonic doppler probe, namely the original transducer is doppler flowmeter sensor, usually is installed on the current body of pipeline external, is out of touch with current body, do not interfere with the fluid flow, pressure loss, easy maintenance, especially suitable for poisonous, harmful, corrosive and abrasive liquids. Its outstanding advantage is can achieve high resolution, fast response to changes in flow velocity, pressure, viscosity, temperature and density of fluid and other factors, such as conductivity is not sensitive, no zero drift problem. It directly affect the measurement accuracy of flow meter, so whether the design of the flow meter manufacturer or use departments, the transducer selection, material, structure, process and installation are all very seriously, want to get high precision, stable performance of the sensor. 1, ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic sensor, and the ultrasonic transducer, is to produce and receive ultrasonic device, is an important part of ultrasonic positioning system. Ultrasonic sensors usually say is refers to the electroacoustic transducer, is a kind of can convert electrical energy into sound energy and can put the sound energy into electrical energy device, or device. Used to launch the acoustic sensor called launchers, when the sensor at the launch, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then converts mechanical energy to sound energy to receive the acoustic sensor is called a receiver, when the sensor in a receiving state, the sound energy is converted to mechanical energy, and then converted to electricity. The working principle of ultrasonic sensor is roughly same, usually have an electrical energy storage element and a mechanical vibration system. When used as a transmitter, from the output stage of the excitation power supply from the electrical oscillation signal will cause the sensor CLP energy storage element in the change of the electric field or magnetic field, the electric field or magnetic field changes in the mechanical vibration of the sensor system to produce a driving force, to make it into the vibrational state, so as to promote with the sensor of the medium in contact with the mechanical vibration system vibration, ultrasonic radiation to the medium. Receive ultrasonic process is just on the contrary, in the case of receiving ultrasonic, external ultrasonic effect on the vibration of the sensor, so that the sensor's vibration, mechanical vibration system caused by physical effect sensor corresponding changes in the energy storage components of the electric field or magnetic field, that cause the sensor's electrical output to produce a corresponding to acoustic signal voltage and current. Through the voltage or current signal digital processing, to obtain the required information. Ultrasonic doppler flowmeter probe is made in applying this principle. 2, the structure of the ultrasonic doppler flowmeter probe of ultrasonic doppler flowmeter clip-on probe, measurement, installation and maintenance will not affect the pipeline fluid state, no flow pressure loss, and good portability, easy disassembly. The probe structure diagram is shown in figure 1. Probe with aluminum shell, on the concave groove, convenient for the bundle band clamps outside the pipe wall. Piezoelectric transducer chip PsnN - good performance of the piezoelectric ceramic materials 51. Piezoelectric wafer thin wafer type, vibration along the thickness direction, the ultrasonic longitudinal wave. The piezoelectric ceramic sensitivity and good stability, high Curie temperature, various parameters time has high dielectric constants and electromechanical coupling coefficient, very suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions of ultrasonic doppler flow measurement. Probe in filling the backing of the silicone material selection, as the high impedance, high attenuation of sound absorption material, absorb the piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer chip on the back of the radiation and transform it into heat energy, reducing interference caused by radiation on the back.
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