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A kind of inner wall self-cleaning type electromagnetic flow meter and its using method

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-08
Technology within the present invention is a kind of tube wall self-cleaning type electromagnetic flowmeter and its application method, belongs to the meter equipment. Technical background electromagnetic flowmeter is the basis of the principle of electromagnetic induction, according to the conductive fluid through additional magnetic field induced electromotive force when the conductive fluid flow is measured a kind of instrument, the existing technology of electromagnetic flowmeter after long time use, the lining bonding dirt easily, affect the accuracy of flow measurement; In the existing technology of electromagnetic flow meter cable for a long time use, easy to cause the line loose, disrupting the flow measurement, so needs a kind of inside wall self-cleaning type electromagnetic flowmeter to solve the above problems. 发明内容针对现有技术存在的不足,本发明目的是提供一种内管壁自洁型电磁流量计及其使用方法,以解决上述背景技术中提出的问题,本发明便于内壁的快速清洁,同时能够对数据线进行定位夹持为了实现上述目的,本发明是通过如下的技术方案来实现:一种内管壁自洁型电磁流量计,包括管体以及转换器,所述转换器安装在管体中部位置,所述管体内设置清洁组件,所述转换器左端设置接线头,所述接线头上设置线路防脱组件,所述清洁组件包括伞齿轮二、傘齿轮一、驱动杆、调节槽、横向丝杆、螺母座、右刮板、左刮板以及承载环,所述伞齿轮二套装在横向丝杆左部,且伞齿轮二通过轮齿与伞齿轮一相啮合,所述伞齿轮一焊接在驱动杆上端面上,所述驱动杆转动连接在管体下部,所述调节槽开设在管体内表面下部,所述横向丝杆安装在调节槽内,所述螺母座安装在横向丝杆上,所述右刮板安装在承载环右侧面上,所述左刮板安装在承载环左侧面上,所述承载环焊接在螺母座上端面上,所述线路防脱组件包括套筒、上承载板、上导向轮、下承载板、下导向轮以及弹簧,所述套筒安装在接线头外周面上,所述上承载板焊接在弹簧下端,所述上导向轮安装在上承载板内弧形表面上,所述下承载板通过支撑杆与套筒内周面下部焊接连接,所述下导向轮安装在下承载板内弧形表面上,所述弹簧焊接在套筒内周面上部。 Described further, drive the bottom welding to adjust knob, as described in regulating knob installed at the bottom of the tube in vitro weeks surface. Further, described nut connected by wire ball nut and the transverse 杄 further, described in the bearing outer ring side welding on the surface of guide block, as described in the upper guide block activities connected to the guide groove, described in the guide groove opening week in pipe body surface. Further, described in the guide wheel and the guide wheel is equipped with two sets of the above, two sets of the above guide wheel on the isometric configuration within the loading plate on the curved surface, two sets of the above the guide wheel isometric configuration within the next loading plate curved surface, further described in the sleeve on the left end face to install convenient of further, described in the driving rod and the pipe body junction o-ring seal installation. Self-cleaning inside a wall using the method of the electromagnetic flowmeter, in the process of cleaning components use, turn the adjusting knob, adjusting knob by two rotating drive shaft bevel gear, bevel gear turn two driven bevel gear, bevel gear drive the horizontal screw rotation, ball nut lieutenant horizontal screw rotation movement into linear motion, nut drive bearing ring moving in pipe body, bearing ring drive left scraper and right scraper movement, moving left scraper and right scraper will tube wall adhesion of dirt, and then achieve the function of the body wall pipe cleaning, guarantee the accuracy of traffic monitoring; In line resistance components in use process, and insert the cable into the sleeve, the cable extrusion on the guide wheel, guide wheel on extrusion on the bearing plate, the bearing plate compression spring, deformation in the spring, the spring in the role of resilience, the guide wheel and cable joint, cable and the guide wheel under the joint at the same time, thus guide wheel and the guide wheel will cable clamping within the sleeve, avoid the cable fall off. The invention of the beneficial effects of 1, the designed by bevel gear and bevel gear drive the horizontal screw rotation, two horizontal screw rotation through the nut drive bearing ring mobile, bearing ring drive right scraper and left scraper movement, and will shave their tube wall adhesion in the body of dirt, achieve the function of the body wall tube quickly clean.
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