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A kind of high temperature health type pressure transmitter

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-08
Technology, the present invention belongs to the measuring instrument technology specific involved in a high temperature health type pressure transmitter. Technical background is a pressure transmitter to transfer pressure variable into the standard output signal of the instrument, such as pharmaceutical, food, beverage, wine production for liquid flow pressure parameters measurement and control, is an important kind of instrumentation. Existing technology of pressure transmitter has the following technical flaw: first of all, the working temperature of conventional pressure transmitter is in commonly 85 degrees, and the food, drug, and brew application often need to be sterile, high temperature of 150 degrees sealed environment, in order to heat dissipation, the existing technology USES increase the cooling area of the heat sink ( 9) To empty conduction heat dissipation, and in special high temperature and no air flow closed environment, the cooling way far cannot meet the demand of the actual heat dissipation, especially transmitter circuit components easily happened damage, even cause an accident, cause unnecessary loss, so it is necessary to improve. Secondly, the pressure transmitter interface part of existing technology is used more nipple ( 10) , shelter evil people and practices easily in thread, and inconvenient disassembly and cleaning, does not conform to the international health food and drug regulatory standards; In addition, nipple ( 10) Using lead hole ( 11) Siphon drainage, the contact area is finite, the accuracy is not high. Invented the content of the present invention to solve technical problems: provide a heat health type pressure transmitter, solve the existing pressure transducer applied in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, wine slow cooling, the environment of high temperature easy to damage, easy to exhausting pollution nurgle, contact area is small, the high accuracy of technical problems. The invention adopts the technical scheme: high temperature health type pressure transmitter, a shell, shell described upper cover fit body, monomer and the upper shell form * room shaped cavity 1, * room shaped cavity 1 with circuit boards, circuit board and its stated below is the sensitive element of electric connection, described upper end fixed shell bottom and sleeve, sleeve bottom and flat film measuring joint fixed connection; At the bottom of the casing, to the circuit board to measure the size of the joint line and flat membrane formed between the second cavity Ⅱ, described the first cavity Ⅱ filled thermal silica gel. Optimization, described in the cover body has multiple outside convex surface heat dissipation, and the connection between 売 body activities. Advantages compared with the existing technology of the invention: 1, have double heat dissipation effect, upside volume by increasing * room shaped cavity 1 and the contact area with the outside world to empty conduction heat dissipation, lower heat dissipation through to a second cavity filling thermal conductive silicone, combination, greatly improve the device performance of high-temperature airtight environment, safe and reliable; Shell and the cover body active connection, convenient detection circuit element sensor interface using flat membrane structure alternatives to traditional threaded connection, has anti scaling, health, easy to install, easy to clean, large contact area, the advantage of high precision, at the same time avoid the viscous liquid easily blocked hole problem. Figure 1 illustrated instructions for this invention structure schematic tutu 2 structure diagram of traditional pressure transmitter. Concrete implementation way of combination of figure 1 below describes an implementation example of the present invention. High temperature health type pressure transmitter with 売 body 2, described 売 2 upper adapter monomer 1, cover body 1 and 売 body upper form * room shaped cavity 1, 2 and 1 system described in the cover body has multiple outside convex surface heat dissipation, and the cover body connection between 1 and 2 売 body activity, the dust at the same time convenient detection circuit components, 1 with multiple chamber outward radiating surface, extend the circuit board above 3 heat dissipation space at the same time increases the heat exchange area, and the external space synchronization heat dissipation, * room shaped cavity 1 3 with circuit boards, circuit board stated 3 and its lower part is the sensitive element of 4 electric connection, described 売 body 2 6 top fixed bottom and sleeve, sleeve bottom and flat film measuring 7 fixed connection, specific applications, described in the flat membrane measuring joint 7 external adapter card hoop, clamp and flat film measuring joint 7 described has the structure advantages of easy to install, easy to clean, and convenient operation, at the same time, described in the flat membrane system of measuring joint 7 than traditional nipple 10 some guide hole 11 with the advantages of large contact area, high precision, also avoid the past the problem of viscous liquid easily blocked lead hole 11; The dividing line is at the bottom of the casing within 6, 3 with circuit boards and flat film measuring joint second cavity formed between 7, compared to existing technology under high temperature transmitter, its heat dissipation way mainly through 9 cooling heat sink, in more than 85 degrees high temperatures, the performance of the transmitter internal circuit board 3 will change, and are prone to damage, with further gradient temperature rise, 9 limited cooling heat sink area can not transfer the heat conduction, absorption, diffusion, the magnetic magnetic device will disappear, chip capacitor insulation failure, semiconductor burned, device packaging is damaged, the circuit pin solder welding, circuit board 3 water long damage will occur, lead to scrap in the transmitter, increased the cost of production, affect the industry production and even cause an accident, to avoid the above phenomenon.
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