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A kind of anti scale circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-06
Technology of this invention is a kind of special involving anti scale circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter. Technical background current meter and heat meter in the practical work, through the water tends to hardness is higher, so the section in the flow and heat meter in hard water environment, on the wall will gradually form a scale, the scale will gradually increasing over time, when the scale layer thickness to a certain degree will effect on measuring accuracy of the table, especially the heat meter, because the flow of water temperature is higher, and the high temperature will accelerate the formation of scale, so the precision variation happens sooner. Through the inhibition of a positive applied electric field and the ways to slow the progress of the scale formation is one of the main methods to solve the problem of scale, its principle is through the pipeline internal positive electrode placement, is an electric field is formed within the pipeline, through connectivity repel, thus inhibiting calcium magnesium positively charged ion precipitation and form scale. Existing such solutions need to be placed inside the pipeline positive electrode, and the positive electrode placement is usually placed two metal electrodes, in the pipe near the inlet and outlet ends respectively, the metal electrode connected through a wire to the header, through the circuit provides is electric field inside the header. Pipe internally also sets two ultrasonic transducer, which is used to measure the pipe of the downstream upstream jet lag. Due to the need to add a pair of metal electrodes, so defects using such method can increase the pipeline is the complexity of the structure or transducer structure design and manufacture and cost. Content of the invention in view of the above shortcomings of the existing technology, the aim of the present invention is to provide a kind of can make traditional ultrasonic flow meter transducer also has anti scale function of the circuit, and reduces the complexity of the overall design and the cost. And other related purposes in order to achieve the above purpose, the present invention provides a kind of anti scale circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter, including set up within the fluid pipe of ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic transducer with piezoelectric ceramic chip, described piezoelectric ceramic chip has stated to launch or receive the pulse signal of * pin, used for grounding the second pin, its also include * switch module and the second switch module, when ultrasonic transducer in the measurements, described connected * * switch module pin with the launch or accept the pulse signal, described the second switch module connected the second pin and earth; Described in ultrasonic transducer is idle, and the positive electrode connected * * switch module pin. Described in the ultrasonic transducer is idle, the second switch module connected the second pin and the positive electrode. * switch module, a second switch module described as the transistor or relay. Described * switch module, a second switch module is connected with a controller, a controller is used to control described * switch module, a second switch module. As mentioned above, the invention of the anti scale circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter has the following beneficial effects: the circuit on the circuit board directly set two switch modules, the work status, and the switch module connected to the signal measured, in the free state, the switch module can make the chip pins connected to the positive electrode, such a chip pins or shell can be used to form the positive electric field, thus no need to set up in the pipe metal electrodes, which can effectively simplify the circuit structure, at the same time reduce the design of the transducer and the manufacturing cost. The appended drawings show circuit diagram in figure 1 to the present invention example. Figure 2 for the traditional ultrasonic flowmeter measurement flow chart of the circuit. Figure 3 for this invention implementation example of measuring flow chart. Component label indicating K1, * switch module: K2, the second switch modules: Z1, ultrasonic transducer: 1, * pin; 2, the second pin 3, controller. Concrete implementation way of following through specific example explains the implement method of ultrasonic flow meter scale circuit resistance, the field technicians can be revealed by this manual easily understand the content of the other advantages of the present invention and efficacy. The specific implementation of the present invention can also through the other different way to implement or application, the details of this manual can also be based on different views and application of various under the not deviate from the spirit of the invention to modify or change. Please refer to the appended drawings. To be sure, this example provided here is only way to signal explains the basic conception of invention, then show only the schema in the associated with the invention of the component, rather than according to the actual implementation of the component number, drawing size and shape, the actual implementation of components of the type, quantity and proportion can be a random change, and its component layout pattern may also be more complex. As shown in figure 1, the present invention provides a kind of anti scale circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter, which include setting within the fluid pipe of ultrasonic transducer, the ultrasonic transducer with piezoelectric ceramic chip Z1 on printed circuit boards, piezoelectric ceramic chip has to launch or receive the pulse signals of Z1 * pin 1 and the second for the grounding pin 2, usually in the working status, * pin 1 and the transmission or reception of pulse signals are connected, the second 2 grounding pin, so that it can realize the pulse signal input or output on the circuit board of this patent also has * switch module K1 and K2, the second switch module * switch K1, K2, the second switch module modules can be use the components such as transistors or relay.
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